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Sarge Paul - 6 months ago
Nice shot!!
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WiLL - 6 months ago

Hey, S Paul yup ) I always had this fun fasination feeling, with old Atlantica track ever since I sent it from Nfs'3 days. An,I always wonders about how I could make it try to look better. An a with any Mod job.

So I had to try out AJ's Trucuk here, I like way it is? Is it Ram I guess? So ,thanks for likeing it. yeah I like me this Shortcut most times )

just less Hassel an bottle neck, hmm I did my laundry this am.. Trying to get more rest here, but its not real possible today, were I live. Geerz.. How's Pu game doing any changes have you on it? )

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Sarge Paul6 months ago

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