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Remko - 5 months ago

My apologies for uploading a rather mundane looking NFS3 screenshot for today, at a rather low 640x480 quality at that.

It's only significance is that it's the very first screenshot of  an NFS game that I ever took, which is 20 years ago this month. (It's dated july 8th, 1999, shortly after I got my own copy of NFS3HP). The first of many, so to speak.

Not long after that, I discovered that NFS games had a modding community on this new thing called internet, and suddenly the outside world seemed a lot less interesting. I wouldn't have guessed I'd still be there 20 years later. ;)

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Mike5 months ago
Sarge Paul5 months ago
Mike - 5 months ago

I love seeing old screenshots! That's crazy that you still have the first screen you took. I've lost a lot over the years, switching computers etc. I wish they had Google Drive back then.

And I think the outside world has remained less interesting :shh:

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Remko5 months ago

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