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Sarge Paul
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10/10 - 1 votes
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Visitor Comments

EvoX - 9 days ago

Oooohhh shhhheeeet my favorite track yoooo

Paul Spain - 9 days ago

Looks like a improoved EmpireCity.

EvoX - 9 days ago

I think it is Monte Carlo 5 from Porsche Unleashed

WiLL - 8 days ago

Yes it is, I guess? Yes, back then, I Colored the sky Brighter, it made it easyier, to see more. I thought I never let it out. Nice shot SP. :] hey EvoX have a good weekend,an week..an all! Peace an Joy, I hope for more!

EvoX - 8 days ago

Have a good time pal, u 2)

Sarge Paul - 8 days ago

T'was a big hell job, changing angle during the replay.... The countach was going fast. Man! I had to work had to beat it even with a 959.....
Thanks guys :)

EvoX - 8 days ago

Oh) I need to install PU now)) nice lambo btw

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