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noise - 5 days ago

Poor 2cv driver.

Tho both cars are designed for roads like this, these 2 cars are counterparts. I get the feeling the Pickup driver tries to show I'm bigger better and faster.

The 2cv (introduced in 1948) had independed suspension and just 2 cyl. boxer engine.

Pickup has classic rigid axles wih leafsprings and probably a big V8 engine.

Nice shot.

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Remko5 days ago
WiLL4 days ago
LRF Modding - 5 days ago
Beauty and the Beast! :D
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Remko5 days ago
WiLL4 days ago
EvoX4 days ago
Remko - 5 days ago
Nice parallel Noise, I forgot that the 2cv too, was designed to go over bumpy roads, but with a different philosophy behind it. (this isn't Econobrick's 2CV by the way, but an earlier mod by funkyalex)
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WiLL4 days ago
WiLL - 4 days ago

Cool Prospective on it all noise )

I don't care that much about... philosophy.

Lol LRF agree

Overall good shot. Btw is that Frank's, nice 4x4 from his um, traffic mod at Remko... I still have the truck it's cool)

long good day I'm keeping the Peace with myself an towards others, at other not talk about things..not worth it there.

Anymore jessy your my worry bud tgif an weekend buds )  😎😷  🐯 🐻  ⛄😔 🤔⛄

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Remko3 days ago

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