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noise - 27 days ago
Scary... did you scream in your car Remko? (while chasing Scream). Is this some easteregg b.t.w?
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Remko27 days ago
WiLL26 days ago
Remko - 27 days ago

Yeah, finding Bigfoot in Summit is a known easter egg, in both NFS3 and NFS4. I think this was from the first time I found it. It's even animated (2 frames: waving his arms up and down).

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WiLL26 days ago
LRF Modding - 27 days ago
I didn't even realize there was a bigfoot. lol
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WiLL26 days ago
Sarge Paul26 days ago
noise - 26 days ago
Never knew this. But I believe in Redrock ridge you can hear a burb when you drive around the building at start/finish line.
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WiLL26 days ago
Remko25 days ago
WiLL - 26 days ago

Yes its there Lrf modder, thanks for humor today...

Remko yeah, last me them two frames need to put a few them in Country Woods some time? :]

What animal are them? Noise in Redrock or a Tourist sound.

Its been a Long week huh xD

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Sarge Paul26 days ago
dandresden - 26 days ago
Is there a guy peeking ??..??
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Remko - 25 days ago

@Dandresden: Bigfoot is a mythical freature from the North American woods. Here's how you can find him on Summit:

And yes, there's several funny sound effects you can hear in NFS3 and 4 near some of the buildings if you listen closely.

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dandresden25 days ago
dandresden - 25 days ago
@Remko : yes sound funny too, and im reminded from that big foot.........some hidden track of nfs3(psx) it's"Scorpio-7" . There's an gigantic mutant jellyfishes staring me when i run that track....sounds creepy when i was a child.....
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