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Sarge Paul - 12 days ago
Exotic shot! Very well done....
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WiLL12 days ago
Stifen_DY12 days ago
WiLL - 12 days ago

agree at S Paul )

I always did like the Corvette dash way back then in Nfs'3  that an 4. the Tech dash an all. drove that way before to. long day today.

ok good shot Stifen_DY :thumbsup:

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Sarge Paul12 days ago
Stifen_DY12 days ago
WiLL - 12 days ago
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Stifen_DY12 days ago
Stifen_DY - 11 days ago

Thank you, Sarge Paul & WiLL! :D

I always enjoy the rural atmosphere of Hometown. Also, the dash view of NFS3 really gives me a nostalgic feeling. :)

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Sarge Paul11 days ago
WiLL11 days ago
Sarge Paul - 11 days ago
The dash view of nfs 3 looks more realistic than nfs 4 and nfs 5.
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WiLL11 days ago
Stifen_DY9 days ago

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