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Rafel - 10 years ago
And those Intrepid Nils?
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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
Nils you should release this car for download on NFS Cars or to this site.
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TruePro - 10 years ago
Wow those Intrepids look great :D
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
You know, with some modelers, their work gets better and better each time... but with yours, it's as good as any could get! :D

Seriously though, Paul Spain is right why don't you release these yet? They look fantastic! :)
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XJ220 - 10 years ago
I've got many cars more or less ready for release :P In this case, it's based off of Dodge Boy's Intrepid, so I'm unsure about a public release as of now.
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Mafioso - 10 years ago
Great picure, can't have enough police cars in NFS4 :)

Looking forward for some more surprise releases in the upcoming weeks (wishful thinking because Christmas is coming closer) :)

I know there's a C5 Corvette in the works, maybe...;)

By the way, do you consider making a NFS2 style Lotus Esprit too? It fits right in your classic NFS line-up of 90s cars.
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