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abyss - 10 years ago
You need to be more creative with your shots. This ones very boring to look at.
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abyss - 10 years ago
Look TYF's August 22 one. The cops have pulled over a car and while all of those police vehicles are busy with the car the other car is making it's getaway.
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
Abyss has a point, but I find it more of a scenery shot/lap time shot.
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FerrariMan - 10 years ago
Well, okay, I guess we get the point ;)
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1st genNFS fan - 10 years ago
Fine then i won't be uploading anymore shoots only ones that will show up is the leftovers how is that?
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abyss - 10 years ago
Empire City isn't really all that beautiful. It doesn't work too well as a scenery shot and it fails as a lap time shot. Your other shots were much better. There was that one without a jump but a good looking track to do a scenery shot with. I still find it boring though.
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