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Cooya! - 10 years ago
Nice Dodge Intrepid! Great substitute for this sporty traffic police car wich reminds me of an Eagle Talon as the Intrepid looks quite similar but fits much better... And with a low polycount it could be a nice stock trafficcar, too
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Rafel - 10 years ago
Nice shot
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Blazn - 10 years ago
Yes i agree nice shot.Who is the author of the car in the back?
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XJ220 - 10 years ago
The Intrepid has got 4461 polies in its current state so it's not really such a great traffic replacement :P

@ Blazn: The base was done by Dodge Boy and heavily modified (new interior, wheels, 3D bodylines etc.) by me.
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Paul Spain - 10 years ago
Where'd you get the Iowa State Trooper car? PoliceGarage before it died?
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