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1st genNFS fan
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Blazn - 10 years ago

Looks like NFS5 Autobahn - nice -

Matt_Supercar - 10 years ago

Yeah, that's a nice track.

1st genNFS fan - 10 years ago

wow the superar group 4 pics in a row.Yes the autobahn is a true speed track and so much fun to drive

CrownVic316 - 10 years ago

I love Autobahn... one of the best tracks in NFS5

Matt_Supercar - 10 years ago

Do you have to download the Autobahn track or is it already on the game?

Remko - 10 years ago

Autobahn is included in NFS: PU, but it's not available from the start. You need to unlock it by playing the career mode.

1st genNFS fan - 10 years ago

it's in the modern era

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