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Blazn Motorsports
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WiLL - 10 months ago

Hi there, Blazn Bet your Feeling Cagey in the Car ;) all them roll bars. Real bad weather were having today, so its not my cup of Tea I Guess...have a chilled out weekend. Do you want know all my track works, I learned, pm. Me I'm almost out oh be mins so it Blows, but maybe you have a few tricks you can tell me also? Ttul :}

WiLL - 10 months ago

For example your new grass land, there selects a many polygon, in that mode, while holding,left shift button down, let go select Control- R, button at same time this turns your Stretched, out grass Poly's blazn) also select 2x Vertigo or Horizontal, to make it look less Pixelated, this s all works Bud... So yw.

Blazn Motorsports - 10 months ago

Hi Will cagey lol yep the cage was in the first build.Changed it last minute for a 4 point design.Thanks for the advice man.

WiLL - 10 months ago

Nice Design pal it must be for, if an when the General Lee Sideswipes, you in the Ditch rite? ) an you be all good?
So you give any of that, a try I told you about... Above. Well using Free WiFi, at the moment. So you make your Rockypass wider than?

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