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Zipper - 4 months ago

Nice! Black fits Cobalt SS really well!
PD: Could you please make a screenchot with the EQX (yeah, the NFSHS intro) vinyl for Clio?

WiLL - 4 months ago

Hey,Zippman who is PD?
What is EQX?
Vinyl threw me, oh this about making them.

Zipper - 4 months ago

Do you remember HS intro? When a 911 was tied up to a riced fake Civic? Well, the fake Civic vinyl (which said EQX) was recreated to MW, and fits on the Clio. So since I have a shitty PC, and my screenshots won't be higher than 1024x768, I ask to you if you can add that mod, take the pic and post it. All your SOTD have nice quality, I'm sure it'll look better than if I take the pic.

Hope you're fine, WiLL. And PD means PS in spanish, my bad.

WiLL - 4 months ago

Hi Zipper Bud, oh your not to bad ;) an oh I see now, guess what I Disabled my HS intro screen 18 years ago lol well I took them files out? So I never see that in a Looong, time sorry bro. Hmm, thanks for saying my pics have Good Quality I get lucky at it at times :)
I have work hard on my job, so maybe next week can try help u out k.

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