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Porsche 996 (NFSMW) Restore Project

Porsche 996  (NFSMW) Restore Project
Porsche 996 (Turbo S) From Need For Speed MostWanted 2005 (Restore Project By Alex.Ka.)

Work with model, Restore and modified: Alex.Ka.

Car model sourse: Need For Speed MostWanted 2005

Some HQ parts: Forza Motorsport 4

New Textures and Conversion: Alex.Ka.

Tester: NEXTModding

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Visitor Comments

Sarge Paul - 14 days ago
Will the hydraulic spoiler work like it does in pu?
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LRF Modding - 14 days ago
No. The MW doesn't have the physics.
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Sarge Paul - 13 days ago
In that case, shall I get the spoiler up in an upgrade package?
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Random Dude - 13 days ago

@Sarge Paul: why do you even care anyway? he doesn't release his mods

@Alex.Ka: high poly tires on a low poly model? is that what you call a restoration? the tire sidewall has more polygons than the wheel arch

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