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NFS Most Wanted - Ultimate Edition

NFS Most Wanted - Ultimate Edition

,NFS Most Wanted - Ultimate Edition BETA

ALL new updates will always be very big updates, so there won't be any small updates (bug fixes and etc), sorry if I do that I have to put a lot of links in the project description.

TODAS as novas atualizações sempre serão atualizações muito grandes, então não haverá pequenas atualizações (correções de bugs e etc), desculpe, se eu fizer isso terei que colocar muitos links na descrição do projeto.


1. Always run speed.exe as administrator!

2. If you choose Project Reginae textures during installation, after the installation is finished go to the folder where the mod is and rename the folder "NEXTGENGRAPHICS" to anything else and start the game from the file "Launcher.exe"

Link to download (LINK PRA BAIXAR):

Aviso para Brasileiros:

1. Caso em algum momento você baixou a tradução da gamevicio, provavelmente o seu jogo não vai abrir de jeito nenhum, mesmo que você tente mudar script ou oq seja, você só tem 1 opção pra resolver isso, VEJA ESSE VIDEO E FAÇA TUDO O QUE ESTA NELE, E NO LUGAR DE "INGLESH"QUE O CARA DO VIDEO COLOCA, VOCÊ DEVE COLOCAR "ENGLISH" (sem as aspas):

2. Se você escolher as texturas Project Reginae durante a instalação, após a instalação terminar vá até a pasta onde se encontra o mod e renomeie a pasta "NEXTGENGRAPHICS"para qualquer outra coisa e inicie o jogo pelo arquivo "Launcher.exe".

3. Sempre execute o jogo como administrador.

FOR CREATORS CONTENT (Para criadores de conteúdo):


NFS Most Wanted - Ultimate Editionis a completely free mod inspired in part by the "Redux" modpack, but with the objective not only of adding an absurd amount of cars, but with the objective of bringing new things, such as: a new race type, high difficulty, improved vanilla-style graphics (without exaggeration and with settings from low to very ultra, "adapted" challenge series, new polices without replacing the originals, improvement in vanilla effects and addition of more effects, cutscenes (in case you like it), new mechanics of the cars of the blacklist rivals, among other things that I will tell you in detail. The mod, even though it is in the final stages, I need to know the players' opinion regarding the mod, and especially, if they will like the 2 midnight club 3 style cutscenes that I added when defeating a rival on the list, in which the cutscene shows the cars unlocked, if you like it, I'll do the remaining cutscenes...

Also, I need your opinions on most of the content within the project, I need to know if you will like it, I accept feedback as long as it is constructive in its essence, it can be criticism, but constructive criticism.

Unique content details:

An absurd amount of cars, which, including all the originals, including those of the police, total 142 cars.

New post-processing effects (reshade 5.3.0 together with the enb series), which improve the graphic without departing from the essence of the game, with an immersion effect to improve the experience (if you don't like it, during the game press HOME and disable an effect called "ganosa motion focus"), also citing again, the graphics have different settings that you can change during the game by pressing SHIFT X (wait 20 seconds to change one by one,in case you are using multiple configurations), going from the LOW setting for weak computers, and ULTRA/WTF for nasa computers.

New car damage mechanic, both for the player and opponents, where your car is subject to crash if you crash it too much, if you break your car during a race you must restart it, or if you are in a police chase, you will be BUSTED, there are 3 levels of resistance of the cars that were manually assigned by me to balance the career mode, they are: Fragile, Tough and SUV, I think I don't need to explain anything else, because the names speak for themselves.

New unique car types, where you can only play with them in challenge series mode or get them as a reward from blacklist rival

Addendum: I didn't change the rivals' cars, just the reward car, you will face the same rivals with the same cars!

I did this to encourage the player to use the rival's reward car, as practically everyone sells the rival's car when they earn it in the rewards, but if no one likes it, obviously I'm going to take this feature (except in the challenge series)

New type of race to make up for the amount of cars and the lack of money, a mega circuit of 10 laps with 7 opponents, all of these events have a very high value compared to their place on the blacklist, with a level of forced pursuit, for example, in the first Mega Circuit event, you'll be at chase level 3

"Adapted" Challenge Series, with all unique cars being playable in these events including 3 cars the player will never use except in this mode (I'm not talking about the traffic cars)

Improved vanilla effects, smoke, falling leaves and others that you will notice change during gameplay.

Added and changed effects such as finish line smoke (inspired by the finish line in the Hot Pursuit Challenges mod), changed crash effect and improved effect textures

New speedometers following a little vanilla style, with a total of 12 speedometers added

Price of many changed parts, most priced doubled and tripled (to make your life harder)

Difficulty and cash rewards of ALL events changed, with cash rewards being doubled (or tripled, I don't remember), and the harder difficulty

New chase level cap, going from 1 to 15

New police officers added, all adapted to the new threshold level of pursuit, including a new helicopter

Opponents with different colors, so you can tell who is who

Some altered racing intros (some by me, some by another mod, which I'll quote in the credits)

Car selection at the dealership and car selection from the quick menu with random colors whenever you select a car (a little buggy, as it's a "bug-feature", if I may)

Addendum: your color tuning will be permanent, don't worry, this is only when you buy the car

Purchasable Police Cars, all unlocked once you defeat Razor

Changed some elements of the game's HUD during gameplay

Camera cockpit on virtually every car (except the challenge series police, traffic cars and cars without interiors).

Slightly modified rival entries.

Lots of underground 2 vinyls converted to high resolution for all mod cars.

Improved sounds for all cars (coming soon in update).

Several modified intros (including the first intro of the cops chasing the razor along with the bmw, (coming soon in update).

Special vinyls for some multi-media cars, such as the fast and furious movies (the ones I don't mention in the credits mean that I just took and put together a collection of images from google images, they are not necessarily modifications for some game, coming soon in update).

Special vinyls for some Brazilian Most Wanted channels.

Mods - Credits:
(I'll probably forget about some mods, because I've been working on the Ultimate Edition for 6 months now, if you saw that your mod is in it, please let me know in the comments and I'll analyze it.)

NFSMW EXTRA OPTIONS 9.1.1 by nlgzrgn
NFSMW UNLIMITER 3.3 by nlgzrgn
NFSMW RACE FIXES 1.2 by nlgzrgn
NFSMW Light Streaks/Trails by Xanvier
MWFIXES by GrimMaple
NFSMW FOREST GREEN OUT OF BOUNDS GLITCH PATCH by RaTT (actually I don't know if I used this mod, but probably yes)
Retouch Graphics V7 by P A I N (formerly named HRT)



INCREASE TRAFFIC DENSITY by stoplookingmypic

Blacklist Remastered by XGAMER
Remastered UI by edoo1
NFSMW Rimpack by Viper4K
Xbox 360 Stuff Pack by elaymm4
Xbox 360 Converted Movies by elaymm4
NFSMW Recompiled Mini Map Files by trackmaniamatt
Story Racing Overhaul by 916skyl1ne
Modernization Patch by iammostwanted
Car Tranny by GXP10
BMW M3 E46 GTR Real Life Sound by KingSlayer
New Car Sounds by nfsu360
NFSMW Leftover Brakes Fix by nlgzrgn
Porsche Carrera GT by trackmaniamatt
Sound Enhancer by TerraSphere_385
Fluent Track Barriers by Aven
Bonus Car Presets by KylaAngelineKZYeng
Race Blacklist NISes by Zookjn
Better Light Flares by Avalanche
Rush Hour Traffic by Splash45
New camera angles by ALi
Improved Music byVanueke
Better GTO And Monaro VXR by rybetasz
Shared Textures and Materials by PedroBLR
Addon Spoiler Pack by WF4123
Addon Decals v1.2 by Kenathorn
NIS Scenes Fix by D4emon712
New camaro performance by Hel
Font mod by Xanvier
Sound Packs Collection by TerraSphere_385
Free Run by clya900
Resource Pack by Viper4K
Corvette Z06 Police by Aceofsquares3
BMW M3 GTR [E46] from NFSMW 2012 by TRMeTaL01

Recompiled Vinyls by nlgzrgn


Custom garage & car lot by ASC & Joccers & P A I N

NFSUC Traffic Pack by AJM3899

New Finish Screens by powerof1000

Mazda RX-7 Extended Customization by Valen1991

Toyota supra new lights by deveinpak

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR by YochiThMaster333

Lamborghini Gallardo GT3-R '10 by CTRdesiGn'08 & MasterLife

Roman Eclipse Spyder Vinyl from Corvettez06 Eclipse GTS Spyder Mod (coming soon in update).

Brian R34 Vinyl from PonySparkle69 2 Fast 2 Furious Skyline Vinyl Mod (coming soon in update).

DK 350Z Vinyl by CarsBrazil (coming soon in update).

Realistic Cars Sounds by AillionAier (coming soon in update).

Car Sound Pack by kyria's (coming soon in update).

Neural 1080p Enhanced Cutscenes by Evene74 (coming soon in update).

Better Quality Carrera GT Brakelights by rybetasz (coming soon in update).

Undercover Soundtrack by elaymm4(There is already one made by me in modpack, but this one is a little different, coming soon in update).


Optional textures: Project Reginae by StrelitziaReg
(if you are going to play with these textures, rename the NEXTGENGRAPHICS folder to something else, and launch the game using Launcher.exe)

Virtually All rivals' NISes entries edited using the IceBreaker tool, made by r033, and some normal racing entries taken from elaymm4's beta content mod(I tried to recreate a similar version but failed miserably, sorry, they were horrible so decides to save work until the final version of the mod, I think it won't be a bother on the part of elaymm4)

- (some converted by me to addon version,and some modified (little))

Nissan GT-R T-Spec by M1992
Alfa Romeo 159Ti by Eclipse72rus
Nissan 240SX by Zvott96
Ferrari 360 Modena by Goodboygamer
Nissan 370Z (Z34) by YochiThMaster333
Ferrari 512TR by AJLethal
Porsche 918 Spyder Concept by ACLambor
Toyota Supra a90 by PedroBLR
Mercedes AMG GT by Eclipse72rus & Raverz12345
Cadillac ATS-V '16 by PedroBLR
BMW M3 CSL by PorscheDudeGT3
BMW M3 GTR by PorscheDudeGT3
BMW M3 E92 by Hel
BMW M3 GTS by NFS2019
BMW M3 E36 by Eclipse72Rus
Spyker C8 Aileron 2008 by Raverz12345 & ACLambor
Porsche Cayman Works Conversion by PorscheDudeGT3
Koenigsegg CCX by McLaren_3Dcm
Toyota Celica GT-Four by AJLethal
Dodge Challenger SRT8 by LM1992
1971 Dodge Challenger R/T by nlgzrgn
1969 Dodge Charger R/T by trackmaniamatt
Dodge Charger SRT-8 by nlgzrgn
Dodge Charger R/T Concept '99 by PedroBLR (some things on this car were modified by me)
Cadillac Cien by fardeen833 & McLaren_3Dcm
Honda Civic Si (EM1) by Keihin7
Honda Civic CX by RaTT
Mercedes Benz CLK GTR by Gamer boy
Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG by Eclipse72Rus
Toyota Corolla GT-S by AJLethal
Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 by Metalwolf717
Lamborghini Diablo GTR by GadoDark
Lamborghini Diablo SV by McLaren_3Dcm
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX by AJLethal (replaced by Eclipse GS-T by Luck_95)

Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS by SLZ Roadstar
Lotus Elise GT1 '97 by PedroBLR
Cadillac Escalade ESV by ACLambor
McLaren F1 by McLaren_3Dcm
McLaren F1 GT by 89OverdriveYT
Ferrari F40 from Classic Cars Pack by Zyphir
Ferrari F50 by RaTT
Ferrari 355 by BadHairDay
Ford SVT Focus by nlgzrgn
Ford GT 7 by Corvettez06 (some things on this car were modified by me)
Infiniti G35 by Goodboygamer
Mercedes Benz G65 AMG by Eclipse72Rus
Lexus GS350 F-Sport by Eclipse72Rus
Nissan Skyline R34 by LM1992
Hummer H1 Alpha by Goodboygamer
Hummer H2 by rybetasz
Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 by LM1992
Subaru Impreza 22B STi by RaTT
Lexus IS F by AJLethal
Pagani Zonda F by F.R. a.k.a filipino_racer
Lancer Evolution X by Miles Dipperion
Lexus LFA by Aftrmrket Exotics
Noble M600 by Porsche 4ever
Chrysler ME-FourTwelve by MKIIITwinTurbo (some things on this car were modified by me)
Ford MUstang RTR 2015 by David_A
Mustang Shelby GT500 by nlgzrgn
Saleen SR Widebody Road Version by PedroBLR (some things on this car were modified by me)
Lincoln Navigator by rybetasz
Acura NSX (NA2) by AJ_Lethal
Polestar 1 by N4SRazer & RafliCOK
Audi R8 V10 by Zyphir
Honda S2000 by Zvott96
Saleen S7 by SLZ Roadstar (some things on this car were modified by me)
Onuk Sazan LM by UndercoverBoy833
Volkswagen Scirocco R by N4SRazer
Nissan Silvia S15 by NFS2019
Nissan Skyline R33 by AJLethal
Nissan Nismo GT-R LM by Eevee
Nissan Skyline R32 by AJLethal
GTA Spano by Corvettez06
Dodge SRT-4 ACR by AJLethal
Subaru BRZ by LM1992
Ferrari 575M Superamerica by Eevee
Land Cruiser Prado by Eclipse72rus
Audi TT RS by NFS2019
SSC Tuatara by Thunderdrift
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish by PedroBLR
Aston Martin V12 Vantage S by N4SRazer & Eclipse 72rus
Bugatti Veyron by McLaren_3Dcm
Viper GTS by Raverz12345 & Eclipse 72rus (some things on this car were modified by me)
Zonda HP Barchetta by UndercoverBoy833

Toyota supra new lights by deveinpak

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR by YochiThMaster333


Various Police Car Pack Converted by Theathnever:

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo Police by MNaeemi777

Nissan GTR R35 Police by Michael Werd

Nissan GTR R35 Police Undercover by MNaeemi777

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Police by Michael Werd

Audi Le Mans Quattro Police Undercover by MNaeemi777

Armoured Truck Rhino S.W.A.T by Michael Werd

Dodge Charger SRT-8 Police by Goodboygamer

Dodge Charger SRT-8 Undercover by Goodboygamer

Hummer H1 Alpha Police Pursuit Vehicle by Goodboygamer

Barricade S281 by Goodboygamer

Cop Compact by RedFire

NFSUC Traffic Pack by AJM3899

Used tools:

VP6 Starter Pack (to convert some movies)
Any video converter
Xvid (mini converter)
Enb Series
NFS CarToolKit
EA VP6Encoder
NFS Sate Editor
VirtualDub 1.6.15

Plans for the next update:

Adapt the mod according to the feedback

Finish all cutscenes when unlocking the cars if a lot of people like it

Additional Screenshots


Update #14 - 3 days ago

Updated description and added screenshots

Update #13 - 19 days ago

Nothing else

Update #12 - 19 days ago

Updated description and ADDED LINKS

Things changed and added (if I remember everything):
Added underground 2 vinyls for ALL cars, all in high quality (1024x).
New nitro effect.
New effects for free roam races in campaign mode.
SUVs and other rebalanced cars.
Prices of some things rebalanced.
Much more didactic installation.
Reshade in the most current version as of 7/29/2022 (today).
PORSCHE 911 CARRERA S (997) disabled as it is broken.
and other things.

Update #11 - 19 days ago

Updated description and added screenshots

Update #10 - 21 days ago

Links removed for the next version, wait (you will have a much more didactic installer)

Update #9 - 1 month ago

Updated description

Update #8 - 1 month ago

Updated description, updated links, removed unused files, balanced car price and some HUD stuff changed

Update #7 - 1 month ago

Links temporarily removed as I'm sorting out the credits, and also because I missed some things (some things I forgot to completely delete)

Update #6 - 1 month ago

Added new thumb and extra for content creator, enjoy!.

Update #5 - 1 month ago

Updated credits, sorry for the mistake

Update #4 - 1 month ago

Changed description and removed repeated screenshots

Update #3 - 1 month ago

Thumb changed

Update #2 - 1 month ago

Updated Page 2#

Update #1 - 1 month ago

Ipdated page

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  • Aftrmrket Exotics - 1 month ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah1 month ago
    Nice to see my LFA made it. Thanks for that. I do however wish that more of my mods made it as well.
  • santa coma - 1 month ago
    User Date
    Opex Rah1 month ago

    Where's the Gumpert?

    And my created vinyl too?

    • Opex Rah - 1 month ago
      User Date

      I think I forgot to delete some car files that I didn't use in the mod, but vinyl I don't remember, can you tell me the name of the file and where it is?... to be honest, I don't even remember putting this car

      edited by Opex Rah 1 month ago
    • santa coma - 1 month ago
      User Date

      The vinyl's called Vitamin Delicious on an Apollo

    • Opex Rah - 1 month ago
      User Date

      there is definitely no such mod in modpack, but I'll take a look, taking advantage of the fact that I'm already checking some things and updating the 2 large files, for now I'll leave the 2 links off

    • OLOLESZCZ13 - 21 days ago
      User Date

      hi, I have a question, would you give me a link to this modification?

    • Opex Rah - 21 days ago
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      I'm updating the modpack, wait and everyone will have the link, I guarantee it will be worth the wait

    • OLOLESZCZ13 - 20 days ago
      User Date

      I understand well, I will be waiting patiently thanks for writing back :)

    • OLOLESZCZ13 - 12 days ago
      User Date

      Hi, I have a question when installing your modification, I set the graphics to the maximum resolution, but when I downloaded it, the roads do not appear to me during races, but I have a black world with flying trees, how can I fix it?

    • Opex Rah - 12 days ago
      User Date

      I've never seen this bug, but try to disable anti aliasing in the game's video settings, if that doesn't work try playing without reshade, just delete the d3d9.dll file

  • Saske_Uchiha - 1 month ago
    User Date
    does this mod have an own Discord server?
  • Saske_Uchiha - 1 month ago
    User Date
    some cars doesn't exist, but files exist
    edited by Saske_Uchiha 1 month ago
  • Saske_Uchiha - 1 month ago
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    how I can contact you? Discord maybe
    • Opex Rah - 1 month ago
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      I'm already aware of this, I'm preparing a new version taking out the unused files.

      edited by LRF Modding 1 month ago
    • Opex Rah - 11 days ago
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      I'm in the discord group on the site, my nick is Opex Rah

  • Sonic49PH - 1 month ago
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    Opex Rah19 days ago
    This modpack's actually great, I have to try it once released.

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