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Nissan Silvia S15 Top Secret

Nissan Silvia S15 Top Secret
Model used as a base is from NFS World, the reason is accuracy, forza model is inaccurate.
... This is going to be my hardest project. Many parts adjusted, made from scrath or grouped the way it works. Fixing UV Maps is waiting in the corner, staring menacingly.
It gives me a lot of fun, not gonna lie.
I like this car. Can't wait to see a final result!

Also I'm not going to make a paintable bodykit. I want Top Secret S15 to stay as it is.

To do:
- LODs
- FIxes

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Update #7 - 1 day ago

Idk anymore, just doing my job lmao

Update #6 - 14 days ago

- first playable alpha done.

Update #5 - 22 days ago

- adjusted the UV of 2 bodykits
- fixed stock and last aftermarket bodykit

Update #4 - 27 days ago

- assigned every material present in or recognized by MW
- redid a UV of tire

Update #3 - 27 days ago

- fixed uv of another bodykit
- assigned dummies

Update #2 - 29 days ago

I can't recall all changes I did, here is a few:
- made a proper UV for base a and kit 00
- adjusted a few parts
- grouped a few materials
- made a clusterfuck of materials because uh, yes

Update #1 - 30 days ago

- Adjusted kit00 bumper from Top Secret S15
- Made a hood resembling the one used in Top Secret S15
- Made brakelights from brakelight glass, parts from Top Secret S15 and manual adjustments
- Grouped a few parts

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