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Oh my project :) possible Rename w/ finished?

Oh my project :)  possible Rename w/ finished?
Well hello
I like this new option here projects so I thought I give it a try. My project isn't cheesy junk. It runs good an all.
I'm happy about that.
So I'm just trying to fix it up more. I hate to say this... this Track Qfs file is kinda messed up. means to edit the track but. I don't feel like making a new Qfs file for it.
it's Complicated, say the least.
it runs fine... but, to edit it it's a pain )
because AJ Lethal knows, what I'm talking about?
it's like guessing were the correct texture will be. to use in the Editor so I figured a different way around that.
but, I'm not able to add any more texture only changed a few since. I started.
anyways, it's been fun so far. to make better, an fix edges of roads that Tilt are cars an other things... just takes time to do...
also, wanted say I don't want add so many Hi-Res textures, to slow down the game so much like others, in the past.

so ttul have a relaxing I try more to, Enjoy my new life. as of being at my more Civilized place it took so long to achieve 😎 🌌

I also don't like giving out so many pics an to Spoil my project. .. so I try not to. 🙄 👷 😏 👍

Additional Screenshots


Update #3 - 23 days ago

Fixed utility wire more, reshaped an colored it better. not as low. an the -
the Cavern top an Treeline more level.
an the snow line below that.
(not as crappy looking) as preivous pic.
check it out.
So I did that tonight. G night 😎 😏 😴😴

Update #2 - 24 days ago

already did above.

Update #1 - 25 days ago

hmm, I just wrote it all above. Because I didn't see this part down here. :P

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