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Atlantica - HS-Spec Night Version

Atlantica - HS-Spec Night Version
What was a little test at first later wound up into a whole-ass project: basically it's giving Atlantica proper lighting for its night time version
This project has been completed and is available for download!
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Update #7 - 7 days ago

Track packed, uploading

Update #6 - 7 days ago

Track completed, packing and upload pending

Update #5 - 8 days ago

-finished Atlantica Tunnel section and section leading to it
-tweaked fog values

Update #4 - 12 days ago

-2nd half of the boardwalk section completed

Update #3 - 13 days ago

-Fixed lane and in-between blocks shading in completed sections
-Finished 1st half of boardwalk section and the section leading to it

Update #2 - 15 days ago

-Finished EA offices and skybridges section
-Night+weather ini tweaked

Update #1 - 23 days ago

Civic Center and the section leading to it completed

Visitor Comments

  • JimDiabolo - 22 days ago
    User Date
    AJ_Lethal22 days ago
    Zalcus2016 days ago
    pete951613 days ago

    Beautiful color and light effects. I like it.

    I also noticed with my Atlantica/Aquatica project that the original is not optimal everywhere.

    • Zalcus20 - 16 days ago
      User Date
      AJ_Lethal16 days ago
      pete951613 days ago
      Looks very good so far!
  • Cooya! - 15 days ago
    User Date
    AJ_Lethal14 days ago

    Wow! This looks amazing so far! The original night version is indeed very dull and liveless as it already was in NFS3. With these ambient lights and the lamp poles working is is already  a completely new experience.  :thumbsup:

    It just would be even greater with some windows illuminated by "glowing" polies as you did with the Acapulco night version. Maybe some glowing water effects caused by underwater lights aswell ;)

    And I have to say that I am a tiny tad disappointed by the fact that you did not use ZacabebĀ“s "Atlantica Neo" as a base. I know that you did not because of legal issues and permissions... but seeing the big glass pyramides with the palm trees inside illuminated would almost give some instant goosebumps

    • AJ_Lethal - 14 days ago
      User Date
      Thanks! I didn't go with the glowing poly trick since it would have taken way more work given the sheer amount of buildings in the track. And I decided to go with the vanilla Atlantica as a base since I first took it as a lighting test

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