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Volkswagen Caribe GT '84

Volkswagen Caribe GT '84
Ok, let's see how this feature works...

February has begun and a new car is being converted.

Release: Done.
This project has been completed and is available for download!
Download now!

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Update #4 - 14 days ago

February 16th, 2021.

-"readme.txt" and other files added.
-Minor changes in .end scripts.

That's it. Last update. Hope you can enjoy this car as much as I did when I made it.

Update #3 - 21 days ago

February 9th, 2021.

-Added custom performance and other VltEd stuff.
-Added own stock color in Binary.
-Some minor fixes in 3d model and textures.
-Added Secondary Logo (inspired by vanilla Golf R32).

Next update will be the last one.

Update #2 - 22 days ago

February 8th, 2020.

-Windows' UV-Mapping fixed.
-Added Damage.
-Added Driver.
-Added Custom (Special) License Plate.
-Added Mount points.
-Installer/Uninstaller done.
-First test in game.

Things to do:

-Look for better plastic shaders.
-Edit some materials in 3d model.
-Add Custom Logo.
-Add Custom Performance.

Update #1 - 27 days ago

February 3rd, 2021.

-Remapped Textures
-UV Body Mapping done
-Added custom parts
-Now it has a full name: Volkswagen Caribe GT

Why that name? Golf/Rabbit was sold in Mexico with under the name "Caribe" and Caribe GT is the sports version, equivalent to Golf/Rabbit GTI.

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  • LRF Modding - 30 days ago
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    Golf Rabbit?
    • Henry_Allen05 - 29 days ago
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