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High Stakes + Modern Patch tutorial

  • Mike
  • October 05, 2016 3:32:17 pm PDT
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Earlier this year, VEG created an early beta version of an NFS High Stakes modern patch. This is similar to the NFS3 modern patch, which allows you to play NFS on a modern computer (Windows Vista, 8, 10)

Youtube user Gustingorriz has created a video tutorial that shows how to install NFS High Stakes, along with the modern patch, onto a modern computer. The video is in Spanish, but it's easy enough to follow along, or use YouTube's translation features.

Click below to watch the tutorial:

There are also a few threads in our forums regarding the patch.

And on a side note, yes, NFSAddons is still alive :) I've got some things in the works for the coming weeks!

Visitor Comments

Remko - 3 years ago
Thanks for the news update, Mike. Good to see something new on the frontpage again.

Thanks also to Gustingorritz for the video, I didn't realize you had a Youtube channel, checking your videos now.
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Gustingorriz - 3 years ago
Hey Remko, thanks for watching!

Part of my channel was dedicated to High Stakes since always. Some subscribers suggested me making videos about modding the game (especially for the lack of info in spanish), and the Modern Patch made the perfect ocassion!

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Rafel - 3 years ago
Playing NFS 4 again. Yeahhh!
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