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NFS-TexEd 0.9.1

NFS-TexEd 0.9.1
Added On July 9, 2019
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NFS-TexEd 0.9.1

by nfsu360 (

NFS-TexEd - it is a texture extractor, importer and viewer.

The following games are supported:

- Need For Speed: Underground

- Need For Speed: Underground 2

- Need For Speed: Most Wanted

- Need For Speed: Carbon

- Need For Speed: ProStreet

- Need For Speed: Undercover

- Need For Speed: World Online (Alpha Test only)




8-bit palettized (P8) textures are supported as ARGB palette (256 colors), NVIDIA DDS Plugin version 6.60 is recommended.

NFS-TexEd package includes this plugin, just copy dds.8bi to ...\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop \Plug-ins\File Formats).


Please ensure you backup all the files you edit before saving them.




A very special thanks to (in no specific order):

CoDe RiPPeR & arushan - algorithms

Zpectre - documentation

Sido90rls - testing




Some Rights Reserved. Release / distribute as you wish, as long as no modifications are made to any part of this package without prior permission, and you don't profit from any such distribution.

Visitor Comments

  • WiLL - 1 year ago

    Hi looks... Good )

    Is this Version newer better, than I used 2 years ago? I own Need For Speed: Undercover, CD. An the Last TexEd I used would not show me, any textures, from that UC :( so I was bummed..much it Crash out.. well I try test this out some, better day. Just wanted to know, if it open, more up in UC CD

    Thanks for the Update. 

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  • Mike - 1 year ago
    This is an older version, I will be uploading V1.1 beta shortly, didn't realize they weren't on the site yet!
    User Date

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