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TecdrawMay 05, 2019

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2004 Saleen S7

2004 Saleen S7
This car was converted from Forza Motorsports 3. I have now successfully converted it to NFS:Underground. This is my first car for NFS:Underground & also the most favourite one. I love this car more than my life. THIS CAR REPLACES TOYOTA CELICA. ------->CREDITS<------- _>nfsu360 for cracking NFS:Underground & making these tools. _>Gamer Boy, Insanity for general help & support. _>Excelerate, ramcharger001, Radu-Cristian, CVPI19 for supporting my conversions. THANKS TO THEM. ----------------------- ------->INSTALLING THE MODEL<------- ->INSTALLING THE MODEL:- 1_>Create a backup folder named \\\'CELICA_bkup\\\' & copy geometry.bin & textures.bin present inside NFS:Underground directory/Cars/CELICA. 2_>Replace the CELICA folder to your NFS:Underground directory/Cars. 3_>Open NFS-CfgInstaller - Click "Select configuration file". Navigate to s7.u1car. - Click "Install" then select NFS: Underground 2 install dir. Car data will be successfuly imported. _>INSTALLING LOGOS(OPTIONAL):- 1_>You will need to download NFS-TexEd from here:- 2_>Run NFS-TexEd & open FrontB.lzc which is inside your NFS:Underground directory/Frontend. 3_>Go to 33 SECONDARY_LOGO_CELICA & tick the checkbox. Click on \\\'Export Checked\\\' & save the file as sec_logo_celica. This is done to avoid loosing original logo of Toyota Celica. Now click on import & select (33) 4_>Go to 131 CARSELECT_MANUFACTURER_ & tick the checkbox. Click on \\\'Export Checked\\\' & save the file as manuf_logo_toyota. This is done to avoid loosing original logo of Toyota. Now click on import & select (131) Then Save it. 5_>Run the game & select Extreme Performance package of Suspension. This will give proper ride height. ------------------------------ ------->UNINSTALLING THE MODEL<------- 1_>Copy all the files present in CELICA_bkup to CELICA. 2_>Open NFS-CfgInstaller & select your NFS:Underground directory. Then select celica.u1car. Car data of Celica will be restored. 3_>Run NFS-TexEd & open FrontB.lzc which is inside your NFS:Underground directory/Frontend. Go to 33 SECONDARY_LOGO_CELICA & import Go to 131 CARSELECT_MANUFACTURER_ & import ------------------------------ ------->CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES<------- -Change any body part & a female passenger will appear besides the driver. -1 Kit excluding Stock. Its under Wide Body Kit Mantis. -Change rims. -Add Neon. -Change Muffler Tips. -Change Window Tint. -Change Paint - Base,Rims,Brake Caliper,Muffler Tip. REST NOT MENTIONED IS NON-CUSTOMIZABLE. ------------------------------------ ------->INFORMATION ON USE ON EMAIL<------- Email me only if:- -You have problem installing the model. -You want to modify, tune or convert this vehicle to other games. -You have complaint regarding this vehicle. -You seen some bugs in this vehicle. I WILL DEFINITELY HELP YOU. Do not email me if:- -You want to request me to convert a certain vehicle. -You want this vehicle to be replaced on another vehicle. I WONT HELP YOU & YOUR MAIL WILL BE IGNORED & DELETED. ------------------------------------------- ------->LAST REQUESTS<------- I have invested a lot of time in converting many cars to NFS. Every conversion needs to be improved to the best possible extent & it takes lot of time & effort to convert cars. It is also tough job to fix wheel & light positions & also Ride Height. So please respect my work. Please dont steal & make duplicate copies of this vehicle. By downloading this vehicle, you have agreed to the following:- 1:>You are not allowed to use any part of this vehicle without my permission. 2:>You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this vehicle to other games without my permission. 3:>You are free to upload this vehicle to any website provided that the files, author & description remains the same. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR GAME DATA/SYSTEM/PC DUE TO USAGE OF THIS MODEL. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. ----------------------------- ------->KNOWN BUGS<------- 1_>The Ride Height is high. So to bring it to normal, select Extreme Performance package of Suspension. This will reduce ride height. 2_>The female passenger might not appear everytime in a race or free roam mode. 3_>Toyota Celica also gets Saleen logo in car showroom. NO OTHER BUGS REPORTED OTHER THAN THESE. IF YOU REPORT ANY, JUST INFORM ME. ----------------------------- PLEASE DO NOT PUT CAR REQUESTS. I DO NOT ACCEPT THEM. YOU ARE FREE TO UPLOAD YOUR OWN SCREENSHOTS AS LONG AS THEY ARE RELATED TO THIS CAR & SHOWS NO OBSCENITY, NUDITY,etc FEEL FREE TO UPLOAD THIS CAR TO ANY WEBSITE YOU WANT WITHOUT CHANGING THE FILES & AUTHOR. ------->UPLOADED ON<------- PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD TO THESE SITES. --------------------------- Well enough chit chat now. Thank you for your time in reading all this. Now what are you waiting for? Just download & install this model & show the other racers your brand new sweet ride. ;) ENJOY & HAVE FUN..... - SLZ Roadstar (Blood-Raid Conversions)
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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