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Inkopolis Docks and Inkopolis Expressway

Inkopolis Docks and Inkopolis Expressway
Added On July 21, 2022
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Bet you weren't expecting this one, huh?

Welcome, race fans, to the one and only Inkopolis Docks and Expressway! Here, race fans of human, Inkling, and Octarian descent can gather and watch some incredible racing unfold! For the first time ever, the worlds of Need for Speed and Splatoon are joining forces!

==Fun Fact! Did you know this track was originally planned as one of six brand new tracks for the now (sadly) defunct "Need for Memes: PogStreet - Version 2?"==

Now, I stand today uploading this course on its own, since admittedly this was my favorite brand new course going into that project. I couldn't just let it sit there and waste away, it'd be criminal of me to do that!


- EA/Black Box: (obviously, they made the original meshes)

- nfsu360: NFS Tex-Ed v1.7 (the tool used to apply the new textures!)

- Aristotel2003: screens, some design elements, lots of serious graphic design help

All instructions are provided in the included readme!

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  • Sokget - 22 days ago
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    amazing i want to know if this biggest  project have a discord server

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