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Black Box Vinyl for Sesto Elemento From NFS TR

Black Box Vinyl for Sesto Elemento From NFS TR
Added On January 14, 2022
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before you install this vinyls, Check whether you're using 1024px

recompiled vinyls by nlgzrgn or not. If not install now when installing 1024px Black box


And install InfinityMain's Sesto Elemento:


- Binary 2.8.3

- MW Recompiled Vinyls (If you're installing 1024px version)

- and car too

How to install:

If you want to add it yourself and not replace any existing file (EXPERTS ONLY)

1. Open Binary editor

2. Select Modder mode

3. Go to GLOBAL>Global.Ibz>DBModelParts>VINYL

4. Now as you select VINYL, click on "Open Editor" or just double tap on the "VINYL" option

5. Now you will find different fields. Now on the bottom there will "01RAZORCALLAHAN"

6. Select the 01RAZORCALLAHAN design and now on the top left of the Binary window will be the option "Car Parts"

7. Click on it while having "01RAZORCALLAHAN" selected and now click on "Copy Part" or just press Ctrl + C having 01RAZORCALLAHAN selected

8. There should be an additional "01RAZORCALLAHAN" created

9. Now, you should see a small black " + " sign in a white squre next to the 01RAZORCALLAHAN, click on it

10. Now once your double click on it, it should open 5 different fields

11. 4 of the 5 fields will have "01RAZORCALLAHAN" name. The fields are "TEXTURE_NAME" , "LANGUAGE_HASH" and "TEXTURE".

12. Click on each of them and they will all still have "01RAZORCALLAHAN" in the "Value" slot. Now since this Vinyl pack contains 5 vinyls, each need additional fields. So you need to click on 01RAZORCALLAHAN, copy it 5 times. For Eg. we take the vinyl named "BLACK_BOX"

13. Now what you need to do is, click on the "01RAZORCALLAHAN" names writtin along the "Value" in the top right box and rename all "01RAZORCALLAHAN" to "BLACK_BOX"

14. Once you have renmaed all 4, just press that cross sign on the binary editor window to exist the editor mode

15. Now you need to click on "Main" located in top left of Binary window and select "save files". Or just press Ctrl + S

16. Now you have successfully created an additional vinyl slot, now we need to add our texture to it.

17. open CARS\VINYLS\VINYLS.BIN path if assigned to the endscript and go to TPKBlocks\DEFAULT node: and import the 512px or 1024px vinyls

19. done and save.

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