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Colored Tires Pack

Colored Tires Pack
Added On December 24, 2021
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Do you want more tire customization? If so, you have come to the right place. Here is what this pack offers: 

- 30 different colored tires, which includes the following: 

1. Red 

2. Bright Red 

3. Orange 

4. Gold 

5. Yellow 

6. Lime 

7. Bright Green 

8. Green 

9. Mint 

10. Pistachio 

11. Emerald 

12. Teal 

13. Turquoise 

14. Cyan 

15. Ice 

16. Cerulean 

17. Slate Blue 

18. Blue 

19. Vivid Blue 

20. Purple 

21. Lavender 

22. Magenta 

23. Pink 

24. Strawberry 

25. Ruby 

26. Brown 

27. Tan 

28. Black 

29. Silver 

30. White 

Note: You must have the following utilities installed before installing this mod for them to work properly. 

1. NFS Unlimiter (latest version) by nlgzrgn 

2. Global textures pack by Viper4K 

3. Addon Rims Pack by Viper4K

The rest of the instructions are on the ReadMe file. 

Permissions Granted: 

- For use in Repacks such as Redux, Pepega Mod, and other remasters 

- For conversion of mod to other games where possible 


- GIMP (creating tire textures) 

- nfsu360 (Binary software) 

- nlgzrgn (Unlimiter with extra customization) 

- Viper4K (Global textures and addon rims packs (not included in this mod and must be installed separately))

- Ubisoft (The Crew 2's vanity items inspired me to do this)

Visitor Comments

  • Saske_Uchiha - 26 days ago
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    You know, what is a Real Kolhoz tuning?
    • InfinityMain - 26 days ago
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      Tbh, I don't think it uses the paint material to color the tires in this game. So this was the only option, if that's what you mean.
      edited by InfinityMain 26 days ago
    • Sonic49PH - 21 days ago
      User Date
      idk what is that

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