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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Skyline R35 GT-R Prototype (2008)

Skyline R35 GT-R Prototype (2008)
This car was originally made for Need for Speed 11 : Pro Street (NFS11:PS). I have sucessfully converted it to Need for Speed 9 : Most Wanted (NFS9:MW) with the help of Dark Ritual who provided me with the mesh & textures. This is the best car ever converted by me for Need for Speed 9 : Most Wanted (NFS9:MW). This car looks lifelike. This car will not make you feel as if it is an addon. In order to enjoy good looks of this car, change your game screen resolution to 1024 X 768 or higher. This car was converted as original from NFS11:PS with minor changes in textures of license plate & brake caliper & no change in mesh. I dont know what texture was used for brake caliper in Pro Street as I dont have that game. This car replaces Mercedez-Benz SL65 AMG. ->CREDIT GOES TO<- -Dark Ritual for the whole mesh & textures. --->FEATURES<--- Original brakelights when on.(See screenshot) Original reflection of brakelights on brakelight glass. (See screenshot) Top speed upto 400KPH(approx). SUPERB ACCELERATION,BRAKING & HANDLING. Rest are similar as of Nissan Skyline of NFS10:C. -->CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES<-- Changeable spoiler. Changeable rims. Changeable roof scoop. Change colours. Changeable rim colours. Changeable Window-tint . Changeable Dash. -->NON-CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES<-- No vinyls. For vinyls, refer to INSTALLATION Step No.8 inside ReaD THiS.txt. No body kits. Only stock is there. No decals. No numbers. No Hood styles. Non-tunable performance (except for nitrous). -->MODIFICATIONS MADE TO ORIGINAL MESH<-- NONE. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME. --->IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL<--- I have invested a lot of time in converting many cars to Need for Speed 9 : Most Wanted. Its such a lengty time-consuming process to convert cars to NFS9:MW. This car took has brand new performance & I aslo faced many difficulties in converting it. So please respect my work. Don't steal it & make duplicate copies of it. If this car is found on other site with modifications or with author changed, some strict action will be taken against the uploader & the car will be removed. --->FEEDBACK<--- Help me improve. Your suggestions are welcome. Just email them to my id. If you have any problem regarding installation or any other thing or if you notice a bug, just email me. If you want to convert/modify/improve/tune this car, you are welcome. Just email me before doing that. I DO NOT ACCEPT CAR REQUESTS. I WILL ONLY CONVERT THOSE CARS WHICH I LIKE OR WANT.SO DONT EMAIL ME FOR CAR REQUESTS. IF YOU NEED HELP ON CAR CONVERTING TO NEED FOR SPEED : MOST WANTED, SUCH EMAILS WILL ALSO BE IGNORED. I JUST DONT HAVE TIME FOR ANYONE TO HELP. I HOPE EVERYONE GETS THAT. --->KNOWN BUGS<--- No bugs. Only thing is the cops still say that it is Mercedez & not a Nissan. I dont know how to how it. Its quite hard you knnow. Just bugless if textures & mesh work is considered. ALSO CHECK THE OTHER SCREENSHOTS IF UPLOADED. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JUST DOWNLOAD THIS ULTIMATE DREAM MACHINE & START THE GAME. :P HAVE FUN.......... -Ark-X Conversions. This car is the second ever car converted from Pro Street. First car converted from Pro Street is 1965 Pontiac GTO by Robin'7t4 @ NOW UPLOADED TO NFSADDONS/NFSGARAGE BY DARK RITUAL.
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class AAA
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

ThEoNeS - 12 years ago
Thank god!
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shahharsh2010 - 12 years ago
thanks a lot
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Scripten - 12 years ago
User Date
audistyler - 12 years ago
this is nice ride
User Date
paulo0204 - 12 years ago
it's so cool!!!!!!!!
User Date
Tunning_boy - 10 years ago
i don't see that car when i replace it with sl65
User Date
ThatsCool - 10 years ago
eh......another ride,but i like it!yeah!:D
User Date
Exversus - 9 years ago
Better than Ferrari Spyder 360
User Date
mma_hacker - 9 years ago
thanks a lot
User Date
NightmareNMX - 9 years ago
replacing sl65 well,I am a bit new to MW so.... why does the cars replacing just sl65 never shows up?????
Can someone give me a hint what cause this I run the US version 1.3 patch
Thanx in advance
User Date
Alex Storm - 8 years ago
It is just like black mamba
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