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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Fantasy PCJ 600 (Bike)

Fantasy PCJ 600 (Bike)
This is my first car converted from GTA:Vice City to NFS:Most Wanted . This is not the final version of this bike. It will be updated with minor improvements. Thanks to Radu-Cristian as he suggested me the tool for converting images to dds format & also for fixing the driver.

-Radu-Cristian for suggesting me a tool to convert images to dds format & also for fixing the driver.
Thanks to him.

1:>Copy modloader & d3d9.dll to your NFS9:MW directory.
2:>Make a new folder ADDONS in your NFS9:MW directory.
3:>In the ADDONS folder again make a new folder named CARS_REPLACE 4:>Copy the folder CLIO inside the CARS_REPLACE folder.
5:>Create a shortcut of Speed.exe which is inside your NFS9:MW directory. Right click on the shortcut & click on Properties. Then in the target box add '-mod' at the end without commas.
Then click on Apply & OK.
7:>Then run the game & select Renault Clio V6. This bike will be visible instead of the Renault.

-Change rims - all styles & sizes. Only some work correctly.
Dont try to change the roof copp or spoiler as it may affect the bike's shadow.

-I have improved the acceleration, top speed, handling & braking to match to that of the bike. Top speed is 400KM/H. I also have lowered the bike's weight.

-Change bike colours.
-Change Window tints.
-Change speedometer.
-Change rim paint.

My email should be used only for complaints & bug reports only. If you dont know how to install, then also email or ask in the comments. I will surely help. I dont accept any car requests. So all other emails including the requests one will be completely ignored.

------->LAST REQUESTS<-------
I have invested a lot of time in converting many cars to NFS:Most Wanted. I improve with every conversion & it takes lot of time & effort to convert cars to Most Wanted. It is a tough job to fix wheel & light positions. So please respect my work. Please dont steal & make duplicate copies of this car. By downloading this car, you have agreed to the following:-
1:>You are not allowed to use any part of this car without my permission.
2:>You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this car to other games without my permission.
3:>You are free to upload this car to any website provided that the files, author & screenshot remains the same.

------->KNOWN UNFIXABLE BUGS<-------
1:)The bike will not fall or turn upside down. Its because it uses the chassis of a car & the game will consider it as a 4 wheeler only. It cannot be changed.
2:)All rims may not work correctly as they are meant for car & not for bike.
3:)The driver will NOT fall from the bike no matter how hard you dash anywhere.
4:)Changing roof scoop or spoiler will result in the bike's shadow being spoilt.
5:)While the bike reverses, the driver will not move it foot & head to look behind.
6:)The bike has no stand. So even if driver is absent, it wont fall.
No other bugs other than these I guess.

Well enough chit chat now. Thank you for your time in reading all this. Now what are you waiting for? Just download & install this model & show the other racers your brand new sweet ride. ;)


- Ark-X Stylizer
(Stingers Super NFS:MW Convertor)
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class AAA
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

chester098 - 11 years ago

how will this thing evade pursuit ?
specially if cops start sending in some rhinos =]

bossman - 10 years ago

very good very fast but its hard to drive

eloy960 - 10 years ago

Can you (or somebody else) teach me how to succesfully modify the attributes file to make a car unbeatable?
Thanks in advance.

Nick2294 - 9 years ago

this is the bike from GTA Liberty city Stories!

NIKbooster - 8 years ago

good job. keep it up.
can you (or somebody else) upload the file which containing the SUN. my mw don't have the sun. only lights of sun is showing on the buildings no sun in the sky.the sky is suddenly changing into mid day and morning.just like demo. my mw is not a original copy. some parts are missing. no music no movies so i think that they have also deleted the file of sun. the game was downloaded from it was only 350 mb.
sorry for my bad english i just wanted to have the sun on my most wanted.

Dtmax - 8 years ago

bad qualities


Mikeman101 - 8 years ago

imagine this going though a roadblock lol

dhruvaloke - 4 years ago

Where do i put the -mod its says there is no such file Can u show me an example
I have this in my target bar "C:Program Files (x86)EA GAMESNeed for Speed Most Wantedspeed.exe"

dhruvaloke - 4 years ago

"C:/Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Need for Speed Most Wanted/speed.exe"
The other slash

nerobeast - 2 years ago

How to add'-mod' in target box

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