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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Ferarri Enzo SE

Ferarri Enzo SE
Ferrari Enzo Special Edition for NFS:MW

This mod is created for Need For Speed Most Wanted and it replaces Ford GT. Car itself is created by WESTBLADE from This mod can be shared via internet as long as WESTBLADE stays as the only author and the files remain untouched.

1. Installation

If you don't have NFS:MW Mod Loader yet go and download it from here:

Copy (Click + CTRL + C or Right Click + Copy) the folder ADDONS and go to C:Program FilesEA GAMESNeed For Speed Most Wanted and paste it (CTRL + V or Right Click + Paste). If your computer asks that should existing files be overwritten click yes.

2. Features

- fixed body (shows up as the same for all bodykits)
- 6 different bodykits (six different interiors)
- bodypaint
- window-paint
- correct stats
- driver added
- cost 680 000

3. Known bugs

- exhaust-flames are not always in 100 % correct place but they should be really close to it

4. Credits

WESTBLADE - 3d model, textures and beta-testing
Dark Ritual - detached the car for MW
Villain - converted this car to NFS:MW
Arushan - created tools to crack NFS:MW
Oleg - created Zmodeler

And everyone else whom I forgot to mention.
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class AAA
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

ToyotaWish - 13 years ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My MW's gone, and you release this?!?!?!

User Date
choas - 13 years ago
User Date
hermes3 - 13 years ago
|I luv this one|
User Date
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - 13 years ago
thats a cool car how did you get it
User Date
G-Dawghy - 13 years ago
Thanks for making a Better Wolrd by intoducing this lovely Car..
User Date
sookas - 12 years ago
gonna love this one. hopefully its faster than the car it replaces :)
User Date
NameLess - 12 years ago
nice ....
User Date
coolflo - 12 years ago
Congratulations!You acually made the game interesting!Thanks for your time!
User Date
ROCKPORT POLICE GUY - 12 years ago
User Date
ROCKPORT POLICE GUY - 12 years ago
well well well, very nice, very nice
User Date
carrera gt078 - 12 years ago
how to add this nice car man???
User Date
darkX13 - 12 years ago
Just nice...
This is the fastest car in the game
(Top speed - 430 km/h)
User Date
DrZATAN - 12 years ago
I Think MAX Speed Is ---> 454! Or Mor...
Realy Great Job. Thank You.
User Date
Taronish123 - 12 years ago
Ohhh man awsome man.....
User Date
DrZATAN - 12 years ago
Corrction. The MAX speed i riched until now is 456 kmph!
you don an awsom job. keep movin forvard.
User Date
death has come - 12 years ago
User Date
jepoy101 - 12 years ago
how can i download this one?
User Date
Skittles - 11 years ago
Umm. The link to download NFS:MW Mod Loader is wrong. it leads to a Ferrari 360 Spider download. Can you give us the correct link.
Thanks xD
P.S. Awesome Car Though!
User Date
Alex Storm - 9 years ago
Awesome handling compared to veyron.It speed is about 247 mph.So prefer this.
User Date
DrZATAN - 8 years ago
The Final Correction !
The MAX Speed Is 457 ! (with all upgarads installed includ special ones)
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