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Chevrolet Tigra '99

Chevrolet Tigra '99
Added On January 1, 2022
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Brand Chevrolet
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File updated on: January 7, 2022

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This car replaces None (Addon car)

A Huge thanks to my friend Jboy for giving me the idea of making this car, wish you a happy new year.

Includes extra customization and some cool stuff for vinyl modders, please read the readme before installing the mod.


  • Version 1.1 uploaded January 7, 2022

    PedroBLR uploaded a new version. The new file is 10.73 MB.

    - changed some transmission parameters in an attempt to fix wheelspin in opponent cars
    - removed opponent customization on "TIGRA.INI" to prevent buggy body kits
  • Initial version uploaded January 1, 2022

    PedroBLR uploaded initial version. The original file is 10.73 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • bug110 - 26 days ago
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    PedroBLR26 days ago
    cute car :) i like it

    • PedroBLR - 26 days ago
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  • KasumiR - 23 days ago
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    MasterLife23 days ago

    Nice car, but unfortunately, it is bugged: when AI drives Tigra, it just does burnouts on the start barely moving forward at a snail pace. I tried tinkering with VltEd, and figured out it has to do with the transmission tab, changing it to "punto" or "gti" (cause they are also front-wheel drive) fixed it.

    You can easily test it by temporary lowering some stats so there won't be any cars as weak and when you choose Chevrolet Tigra yourself, AI will also be forced into it. Or just reset until you see some Tigras in lineup, easier when max opponent cars set higher in Extra Options.

    Also has a problem of ghost cars for AI, with empty body kits forced onto it randomly. So I used Binary to delete all the body kits except first three from DBModelParts. You should do that to your cars that don't have full 6 (stock + 5) body kits so they won't appear with empty parts.

    BTW, if you want an easy placeholder for Tigra body kits: is it possible to add normal body but with Opel or Vauxhall badges? That's how they've been sold outside of America.

    Thanks for nice mods! Hope you can update them when you have some free time.

    • PedroBLR - 23 days ago
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      sure, i can fix the transmission bug, but i rather keep this is a Chevy, due to some requests.
    • KasumiR - 22 days ago
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      Sure! Is it possible to dummy out the unused body kits then in .ini or DBParts file so AI won't fill the field with black empty chassis?

      Your cars are real good but many have that problem with empty body kits showing up. Deleting entries in DBparts seemed to make them appear less often but sometimes they still do for some reason. I use latest version of Unlimiter.
    • PedroBLR - 20 days ago
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      sure, i can fix this by editing the car's EC .ini file

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