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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads


replaced the A4. all original files in zip
Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class AA
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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Visitor Comments

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

LOL. This is fun!

Memphis - 12 years ago

yeah, this rocks!
It is the first car which is cool enough for me to install it on my MostWanted.

Zpectre - 12 years ago

"Transporter" anyone? :D

ToyotaWish - 12 years ago

How bout the W12? :D

jtoule8 - 12 years ago

can u make the new 750i?

jtoule8 - 12 years ago

FYI toyata...its a v-12 not a w-12. (im a BMW freak!) DMI3d...if u want u can try to make a 2007 BMW 550i sedan or a '07 530xit wagon. (they are cool!)

robertjan93 - 12 years ago

can you make the 2007 bmw 7 series

yoyomen - 11 years ago

hi men.i'm from russia.could you explain me how to upload my nfs MW with cars from your website???what i must do with file when i download it/thanks all))))

voronov_death - 11 years ago

I pretend to Be James Bond and being Chased by local police Department..LOL...This is Funny..Thanks

ROCKPORT POLICE GUY - 11 years ago

now this looks good...

PinkBear - 11 years ago

why there isnt dodge charchger

Evo34 - 11 years ago

Cant u create cars for nfs underground 2 plz

Evo34 - 11 years ago

Cant u create cars for nfs underground 2 plz

halim90300 - 11 years ago

very good car

jogu - 11 years ago

how i´m install another car? please a good and simple explanation! please help me

Humphrey - 9 years ago

funny indeed funny

desert_eagle94 - 9 years ago

This is not so good :(

shed2dom - 8 years ago


TheBulllll - 7 years ago

how do we make cars ???

bandit1 - 5 years ago

the other BMW is the 95 840ci its RARE car it has a v8 in it & able to do 230 mph top end with a high end motor & I've yet to see any game have that model

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