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Speed Racer Mach 6

Speed Racer Mach 6
Added On December 29, 2020
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Brand Auto Union
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

Converted from: Speed Racer The Videogame (Wii)

Replaces: Nothing

Car folder name (XName): MACH6



- Body Kits: No.

- Spoilers: No.

- Rims: The 'M' thing gets bugged in the ADR M Sport (Vanilla issue with brake marker=

- Hoods: No.

- Roof Scoops: Funny position, i hate it


- Rim Paint

- Window Tint

- Decals, all except window ones

- Numbers

- Custom Gauges


- Engine: 1 Upgrades

- Transmission: 1 Upgrades

- Suspension: 1 Upgrades

- Nitrous: 1 Upgrades

- Tires: 1 Upgrades

- Brakes: 1 Upgrades

- Turbo: 1 Upgrades


-Broken Normals.

-Doesnt steer the 4 wheels.

-Cant flip by controls.

-Im expecting someone ranting bout it for not being fully customizable.

-UV Map is a bit broken in the side, and the uvs are weird for the proportions, wtf you expect from the mach 6.

-The red M in the vinyl is kinda messed due to proportions


-I recommend using Speedbreaker + Nos for stunts like the movie.

-+400Km/h stock, +700Km/h fully upgraded.

-Infinite Nos like movie and videogame.

-Handbrake to drift.

-Vinyl in Unique section

Credits To:

-Natr02 and Blackjack for Speed Racer: The Videogame models.

-nfsu360 For CarToolkit And Vlted.

-Oleg Melashenko For Zmodeler.

-Blender Foundation for Blender.

-Mati The Mudkip for helping in 3d headlights and brakelight. (kinda messed but there)

-Viper4K for finding the wheels, and me for editing them

-AlbinoBuffalo80/Me For Converting.

Visitor Comments

  • igorsan825 - 16 days ago
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    it's cool the car is wonderful but i wanted to see its version brand new

    • AlbinoBuffalo_80 - 16 days ago
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  • Gaboking999 - 16 days ago
    User Date
    please make the modloader version to replace the lancer evo
    • LRF Modding - 16 days ago
      User Date
      N4SRazer16 days ago

      him? modloader?

      hell no.

    • N4SRazer - 15 days ago
      User Date
      @Gaboking999 He don't even know to do lmao.
    • AlbinoBuffalo_80 - 14 days ago
      User Date
      Who talks, the one who thinks modloader to addon is the big shit LMFAO
    • N4SRazer - 14 days ago
      User Date

      Well well well, who doesn't even know to convert to modloader speaks here. I atleast know to do my job perfectly and I also am not the real perfect one.

      Don't self-promote yourself indirectly. You are not the best in modding. There are many others better than you.

      Seriously, no offense. But try to get help or tell that you'll learn.

    • AlbinoBuffalo_80 - 14 days ago
      User Date

      'knows to do my job'

      also you: doenst know how to work with collisions LMAO


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