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Route Adonf Fast AI

Route Adonf Fast AI
Added On September 25, 2022
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Route Adonf
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9.3/10 - 4 votes
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Completely reworked opponents lines and speeds. It works only on racers, cops ignoring my changes. Only forward direction, for now.

Its based on default track, it should work on any HD or Enhanced version - track must have only cosmetic changes.

For hardest opponents set difficulty to "CHAMPION" and use "MADLAND" cheat.

Have fun

Visitor Comments

  • dandresden - 2 months ago
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    JimDiabolo2 months ago

    Could be a more even nightmare.... from Landstrasse till Route Adonf...Very good!

    (some day Dolphin Cove, Kindiak Park, Celtic Ruins, Durham Road and Raceway 1, 2, 3 need to be have an hardest AI)


  • JimDiabolo - 2 months ago
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    I just did a test race with F50 against AAA. And I was wondering if it is really harder. But then I realized I was driving backward! LOL

    I did a second run with forward directing and had no chance.  That means you did a verry good job and backwards needs to be improved, too.:clap:


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