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Test Runway

Test Runway
Added On October 25, 2021
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Rocky Pass
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File updated on: November 7, 2021

Additional Screenshots


based on Rocky Pass


A simple track designed for acceleration/top speed testing.There are also a couple of skidpads available for grip testing and a corner where you can take pictures (with help of replay cameras)


  • Markings for 400m, 1km and 1 mile distances
  • Fixed AI speeds, so they will go full throttle all the way to the end of the straightaway.
  • Skidpads for grip testing (wet and dry). To access them, simply turn around and go to the esplanade near the curve.
  • Photo corner for taking pictures (put the car in the angle where you want to take the picture from -top angle or ground angle-, quit to replay and pause the replay). To access it, just turn around and go where the sign is.
  • Track is blocked off beyond the main straightaway, thus is not suitable for racing/pursuits.

Installation (make backups first!):

Extract this folder/file... ...into this folder
Rockypas data\tracks
T13_00.qfs data\feart\slides
T13.qfs data\feart\vidwall

Used tools:

T3Ed | FSHTool | GIMP


If you would like to modify and/or distribute this mod, please:

  • keep this readme file without any alterations whatsoever (in case of just sharing this mod around)
  • give me proper credit (AJ_Lethal) for creating the mod
  • Seriously, respecting those conditions is not hard at all. Unless you're terminally dumb or a shameless, talentless hack.


  • Version 1.1 uploaded November 7, 2021

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.91 MB.

    -added skidpad for grip testing
    -added photo corner for screenshots
    -added some signs
    -added a very slight incline past the 1 mile mark to aid in top speed runs
    -some polygon flag fixes
  • Initial version uploaded October 25, 2021

    AJ_Lethal uploaded initial version. The original file is 1.91 MB.

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  • noise - 1 month ago
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    AJ_Lethal1 month ago
    JimDiabolo1 month ago
    After using your Carp Generator we have the petfect test track.

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