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Need for Speed High Stakes Downloads


Added On March 24, 2020
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Empire City
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Hey, there here is my description about my thoughts of this Track.

I started this on October 2017 an did what then. Then I started working on this more than a month ago from now.

I poured much of my Spirit into this... I Felt.

I have 'good an bad' news now...

Remember, back in 2017' I asked madman_nfs, about how I could ever fix that Glitch? past the big church just before the Tunnel, are cars would get yanked sideways,( from a glitch I caused back then. from a mistake, messing with track blocks..

Well, that's fixed now!) I'm glad that got fixed. now the bad news.. for me is, i liked Night race more, I did all I could to ever to.. an try an fix this on block's 115 - 97- 96, that go's up my Hill.. that hill disappears :'( it's still passable but, I'm very Mad,Sad an Dissapointed by this...(

day race day race , weather on rain, is ok fine? on this hill that leads to my New Road to )

Well, I just had to say when it comes to Nfs'4HS nothen can be perfect on a track Mod.

anything is an improvement, when comes to HS :D rite.

I really like all the tuff works, I did an the more fun of it now! I redid many the older roads, found many polys that needed re-works, etc.

I'm thinking there is about 7 cross roads in total... I made for this. )

just makes it Fun for me.

Just slow down more when your heading down New hills roads, so you won't Crash an roll your Car man. :) an you'll have more fun.

I really don't know how to make are Cars head lights shine, on some spots of my new roads. just have to raise gamma up.

I use my brakes more to. I think it's Fun to run Circles, well, more time to gain from my new roads. from {Ai}

Anyways, I think it's a great looking Mod... an fun an nice to look at.

An last, I don't care if the Landscapes have some Holes, or not all filled in looking with grass land trees.

That's just to much work .. that I don't feel like doing now days.

Just have fun.

I think many are just playing an doing Mods, for: MW 05 these days... more anyhow,, So if anyone can fix this 'view problem' that it has at night time. on that Hill bottom, view ( I really Like to have that fixed mesh on this also.

wish you luck to, was a Dissapointment to me.. on that.. owell...

Have a good Spring time Nfs4hs us Veteran bud Racers... like myself.


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  • EvoX - 18 days ago
    Wow! Atmospheric sky, i like ❤️
    User Date
    WiLL18 days ago

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