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WiLLMarch 04, 2020

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Snowy Meltdown Mixes

Snowy Meltdown Mixes

Hi there again!

I really think this Mod: Reflects Spring time is on the way..? and that Mixs^ with Winter ice an snow left on the track so -

I didn't use that many 'Snow Swirls' only on spots only like higher ground one here, an one there only. to show Open Drafts like. not over loaded. oook. 

I worked a Lot on this Mod to! I really like how it turned Out! It's all about trying to have any fun- instead of Working always on a Mod. xD.. ugh, an  I thank Nfsaddons for having my Work- Hobby? on there Website for me to share... all these years gone by now! .... ...)

for this way old HS addiction I have,in my Blood!! 20+ yrs now. :)

Enjoy this! it Runs fine.

Comments are welcome.

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EvoX - 24 days ago
Whoa. Which of ur last track worx do u recommend most? Which one should i begin with?) Bro
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WiLL24 days ago
WiLL - 24 days ago


I think we're all getting tired of winter I sure am. so I wanted try an change it more.

Well, this one has more details..? )

I was tired of all snow an snow trees, an Snow!!))

spring hit some... it's real late I got crash out Kirk. thanks. have a good one. 

it's about cruising around I guess. . .

an knocking over things, to bad I didn't fix the green snow man an Green falling rocks ;) 

anyways... it was a challenge the canyon walls. 

I'm all done now..i really think so. from this. 

so I tried with what I had.  Very old HS pal cya

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EvoX23 days ago
EvoX - 23 days ago
Ок i think i will start with this one
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