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WiLLFebruary 27, 2020

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February Snowy Days

February Snowy Days

Hello there...

I needed say use all my 'Ini files' so the Sky's will look as intended. 

I like how this Mod turned Out! I put Countless,, Hours making it better^ the base of this comes from: 'Snowy Holiday day time'

I like how you can change the Sky lighting Fog on an off or Track only. or low or no, Horizon that changes the sky's color for its just a win, win I like more. )

I deceide to let it out today.

you can think big deal. For me it is. :} Just try an enjoy this! if you don't want to know about all I did in this. Don't read, the Read me txt first then. if you don't want any Spoilers )


I gave proper credits to those I borrowed any from.


sure is a cold day today in my area so I was glad to get this Out today.... ... :}

cheers  😎  ☺  😔 😴 🌌

Comments are Fine hoping more positive.

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WiLL - 30 days ago

another misspelling, on.track base name: Snowy Holiday time...  heh, only Was like what 5yrs ago.

Like say I didn't feel like using all of Hi-Res, textures on this track. there nice to have..

But, I think it causes? to slow down the all ready game engine, with all the great cars out there newer hi end ones, Converted ones. 

so I didn't use so many. )  of them but a few.

Nice to have a good clean hobby an better time doing so. hope you liked the idea of the Mod.  I'm thinking this is Ver.1 of this here. :} 
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