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Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas
Added On May 13, 2019
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Empire City
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I didn't make this great track.

I only upload it :)


-=| WEST COAST DESIGN addon track for NFS:HS |=-


Modeled After: Empire City


- Replay cameras fixed to stay on the track

- All poly flags corrected to remove all sticky walls

- Mesh corrected to make collision with objects realistic

UnBtable, KillRide and KillYa 2004 and Oct 2008


-=|General Information|=-


Track Name : Lost Vegas

Release Date : 01.09.01

Author : Dan2K and Vitaly Kootin (Converted from TNFS:SE)

Website :

E-Mail :


-=|Track Information|=-


New Mesh : Yes

New Textures : Yes

New Weather : Yes

New Sky Files : Yes




-Step 1.-

Copy Tr.frd, tr0.qfs, sky.qfs Tr.ini, TrN.ini, TrNW.ini, TrW.ini to

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\Tracks\Empire

and choose yes to overwrite the existing files.

-Step 2.-

Run NFS:HS and choose Empire City as your track.


-=| Bugs |=-


No known bugs exist.


-=| Terms of Use |=-


This track comes as-is and by using it, I will not be held responsible for any

damage that may occur to your computer. I recommend that you scan everything

you dowload from the internet with a good virus scanner before opening it.

This README.txt must always be included in this zip file. This zip file may

not be modfied then distributed.

Even though it is not possible to copyright a track because it is already EA's

copyrighted file, I would prefer you not to edit my work without my permission.

If you are interested in building a track based on this one, please ask me

for permission before doing so. Additional Note: This track was converted from

EA's TNFS:SE, so do whatever you want with it.

If you would like to post this track on your site, please send me a quick email

letting me know before doing so. Thanks




Visitor Comments

  • heyFITZ - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Mike1 year ago
  • WiLL - 1 year ago

    How New was the poly flags, Fix on this.. Just like to know. Cause my Version fix on this wasn't so bad back, 4-5 years ago! ) glad it's up here again! I got a job so I'm more Busy now days.. Doing Good :]

    User Date
  • heyFITZ - 1 year ago
    NFSFAN83    are ya goin to do anymore tracks     my fav is paris    what about a version of vertigo ridge
    User Date
  • heyFITZ - 1 year ago
    I love the little road on the right
    User Date

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