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Mystic Peaks Special Edition

Mystic Peaks Special Edition

Mystic Peaks Special Edition


Author of Track Conversion: Ryan Trevisol

Author of Track Enhancement: KillRide and UnBtable Oct 2008


This track is awsome, so cool, so snowy, so perfect. I only add just a few things. Track is now more brighter, add some monks and new temple, Yeti, and some treasure in lost box next to crashed plane. I don't change night version because is very fine, and like always i add orginal loading screen.

Track before Summit

All files from track files, copy to folder Summit(location - Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\Tracks\Summit).

File TR17_00 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\Slides

Files TR17 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\VidWall

And have fun.

Full view recommended.

Rear Mirror always off.

SlawekR Elblag Poland

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heyFITZ - 6 months ago
i love the track   but it dprops out    i dont  get it
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