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MADMAN_nfsSeptember 18, 2018

Need for Speed High Stakes Downloads


<---------Skidpad 1.0-------->

<-by-------------> BenV (Benjamin Vetter)
<-ICQ------------> 117155271

<-track replace--> Raceway 3

- NFS 5 Textures
- some of them 16bit
- you can drive vs pc drivers
- you can see at every place the full track(great distance)
- new cameras

<-------------------You must put this files into the folders where
you had install your nfs4
(for example: c:\games\nfs4\...).

<-T9_00.qfs---------> Data\FeArt\Slides

--- put all the other files into: Data\Tracks\Gt3

->in the game: backview-------->off

***That's all.***


+ please ask me before you edit something on this track+
+ or if you want to put this track on your homepage!! +
+ thx ;) +

(c)BenV 2002-4000 :D

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