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Uploader: Zipper

Hi! I brought to you this lost tool in its final version (1.05.015), when it even switched its name to NFSTexter. With it you'll be able to edit string files, also known as language files, so you can edit every word you see in this NFS games:

  • NFSII (unofficially supported by nRI, but tested succesfully by me)
With a lot of spare time, you could even translate your own NFS to unsupported languages!

The .zip includes:

  • NFSStrings.exe (the program)
  • NFSStrings.hlp and NFSStrings.htm (original readme files, in case you need more information)
  • NFSStrings.gid (some kind of config file, not sure if it's really needed)
  • The screenshots featured here, taken by me.
  • A little readme telling how to contact me.

How to use (although it is pretty intuitive):

  1. Click the open button and look for the folder which contains the language files. Usually calledTEXT. There's an exception with NFSIISE in case you've applied the network patch, if so you should open the game root folder.
  2. Select the language you want to edit from the dropdown menu. Note: MET seems to be a leftover and does not have implicances ingame.
  3. Select the line you want to edit and press F2, then edit freely and press enter. Note: Use CTRL+F to find text faster.
  4. Save or discard changes pressing OK or CANCEL buttons respectively.

Important: If you want to edit opponent names this is not for you, since those are inside the executables. If you want to edit them, open the desired .exe with your favourite plain text editor (Notepad++ is advisable, HxD for the ones who know what are doing) and search for them, then edit taking care to not change original length size of both names and the entire file. If your edited name is shorter than original then complete with spaces to meet the size conditions. There's nothing you can do if you want to add a larger name than an original one than looking for another OG name with more characters.

Visitor Comments

  • Zipper - 9 months ago

    I know people in the forums will appreciate this. A big thank you to them. If I wasn't reading you, I would never notice this tool was lost and never dig into my stuff.

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  • noise - 9 months ago

     Ah NFSStrings, it's back, great work.

    But I have V 1.05.015 , and there is no "select priority" (what is it anyway), and time/date.

    I remember also when you changed text, after a while (installing addon cars/tracks e.t.c) the text is back to default again.

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