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NFS:HS Tutorials Pack

NFS:HS Tutorials Pack
This is a pack of "lost" tutorials of how to create cars/tracks/tools for NFS: High Stakes.
They are quite useful and most can't be found easily on the net any more so I decided to upload them. All credit goes to the original authors, Zacabeb, Sergi1983, Nappe1, etc... I haven't edited any of these.

Feel free to distribute this as you'd like, just follow the terms of the other readmes so that you're not violating the original authors' rights.

Thanks for downloading, NFS:HS Tutorial Pack!


-FerrariMan aka FM7

Need for Speed is Copyright (C) of Electronic Arts, 1996-2010.
Need for Speed High Stakes is Awesome (A) of My Own Opinion 2010.

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