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GOOGS Subaru Impreza WRX

GOOGS Subaru Impreza WRX
my very first car
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard New Class A
Vidwall No Serial # 59
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 219 mph
350 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

rapster - 17 years ago

not bad, not bad at all! i like the graphics on the side. so far it's the only type of graphic i like on all the modified cars.

GOOGS - 17 years ago

thanks man they're from modern image i forgot to put my props list so here it is..
Original Car By: Ryuji Kainoh
Front Bumper By: Scare Tuning
Spoiler By: Kremit
Original Interior By: Michael Mansour

dude - 17 years ago

i like the car the rims suck ass! ill talk to ya later "GOOGS"

GOOGS - 17 years ago

lol denis your just jealous...

NitroNŜX - 17 years ago

U did an great job on this but RK`s cars are to square.

Shenlong - 17 years ago

1 word: why?

impreza racer - 17 years ago

RK's cars suck
I use to think they were good too lol

NitroNŜX - 17 years ago

Because it`s quality not quantity.

gtho351 - 17 years ago

Great car, something to be proud of mate! Practice makes perfection. You should consider a car from scratch :)

GOOGS - 17 years ago

lol.. qtho i wish i can make a car from scratch.. im only 15 i still lots of practice to gooo but i'll be uploading 2 new cars and if you want you can just visit my site, Link

gtho351 - 17 years ago

Ahuhuh, I suggest that you make a bucket of crap and work on that for a few months =o) Rewarding i must say ehehehe. I dont have the time to make carz but yea good luck to ya. Nice site ya got there. One suggestion, your site should remain in the same window, not a non browsing one ;). Just polite critisizm mate

Mako shark - 17 years ago

hey this category is for me and Jota Shark hence our site name WicKeD MoDS. be sure to visit us at

ManYaiK - 17 years ago

Very good modeling that is. Now, is there a '80s subaru XT turbo or XT6 around on any site?

GOOGS - 17 years ago

dude (mako shark) if that was the case, why didnt mike just put the car in another directory?

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