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"Starsky and Hutch" Gran Torino

The 1974 Gran Torino was used in the very popular TV series "Starsky and Hutch". These bright red sport models with signature white body stripe were produced in very low production for the television show. The 1976 Torino was the last and final Torino before being replaced by the LTD name and product line.

A total of 88 episodes of "Starsky and Hutch" ran from 1975 to 1979. Undoubtedly many reruns will live on for years to come! They used '74 '75 and '76 Torinos originally for the TV series but then Ford built 1000 Special edition "Starsky and Hutch" cars in '76 for consumers and the TV show, many of these cars are still around today.

Total Polygons are 7378 including everthing. Hutch is along for the ride. Dashboard, damage, vidwall, and decent performance for this type of car.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class A
Vidwall Yes Serial # XX
Windows Black Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 150 mph
240 kmh
Polycount 7378

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Visitor Comments

Remko - 16 years ago

Yes! It's here, finally a S & H Torino, how did we ever get by without one...?

Shenlong - 16 years ago

Yes!!! Finally, to complete my 70's TV show collection, the Gran Torino! But where's Huggy Bear?

Dodge Boy - 16 years ago

Now someone gotta make the Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber. The 84' Sheepdog.

Regal GSX - 16 years ago

All we need now is the '77 Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit. Now i can cruise the streets in the Zebra 3!

BMWSport - 16 years ago

the 77 trans am was made by Jason or Justin Trusty? I think was his name?

They were a part of the BTW Racing network, which has long ago fallen.

Remko - 16 years ago

Those were '79 TA's... a 25th anniversary and a Formula (that one's on the site here). But that's the same bodystyle, except for the nose. ;)

P R O - 16 years ago

I d/led it at I gotta say it's an AWESOME MODEL.
10/10 easy.

Funmart6 - 16 years ago

Cool car! How 'bout someone making the Corvette from Corvette Summer! If you haven't seen it, it was a very radically customized 'Vette that was candy apple red with flames, painted gold by the bad guys that stole it. That would be cool to have the two color option, and it was right hand drive also. Just a suggestion.

Remko - 16 years ago

Aussie Muscle made a 'Corvette Summer' Corvette... check the Aussie Muscle link under "Affiliates".

Remko - 16 years ago

Check out this link...

Regal GSX - 16 years ago

All Jason's Firebirds and TAs were just '79s. The one here is a 79 Firebird Espirit. The 77-78 Models used the "batmobile" nose. The one from the movie was a 77 6.6 litre TA special edition.

Funmart6 - 16 years ago

Thanks Remko, just got it, car looks pretty much like the real one, could use some 3-D updates though.

Sniper - 16 years ago

Regal GSX: it was 76-77 not 77-78 models that had the distinctive grill. I owned a 76 TA a few years ago. If you search for pictures of the 78 you'll see the difference right away.

Sniper - 16 years ago

Oooops! I screwed up, I guess I had a 77 not a 76. You were right Regal GSX, Sorry!

Regal GSX - 16 years ago

No worries sniper.

Sunrie - 16 years ago

Beautiful...just....just beautiful!

Currently I'm rebuilding a '70 Torino with a 351-W. I should actually say "CUSTOMIZING". It's got a huge blower and lots, and I mean lots, of Edelbrock performance parts. Gotta love having family working at Edelbrock.

Regal GSX - 16 years ago

70 huh you have any pics of it?

xyfutura - 16 years ago

u know that the 70 Torino has the same Chassis as the Falcon does!! me and my dad wanna get one and make a folcon coupe. i can chuck the front end of my aussie ford falcon its and XY 1970 and drive around in that with a 460 lol i wish

Jimi Hendrix - 15 years ago


JULZPLAY - 9 years ago

im so glad 2 c dat ol school iz stilll in,keep up da gud wrk

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