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Toyota Sprinter Levin AE85

Toyota Sprinter Levin AE85
Running in the nineties!
is a new way you like to be!

And indeed we are running in the nineties!

In the year 1998 the famous Anime called Initial D came out. And everyone became a huge fan of the Toyota Sprinter.

This is a replica of Itsuki Takeuchi's Toyota Sprinter Levin AE85 from the Initial D series. It also has the Akina Speedstars decal as an optional paint scheme!

Get your own Toyota Sprinter for Need For Speed High Stakes and you'll run in the ninties like they did on mount Akina!

Comments are welcome!
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard None Class A
Vidwall No Serial # -
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 113 mph
180 kmh
Polycount 2815

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Visitor Comments

Reight - 4 years ago
Yes.for the first car its amazing.good to see new nfshs modders.
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Code 4 - 4 years ago
Wow! I never expected to see my first car as the featured NFS car!
I really appreciate that! :D
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noise - 4 years ago
Very good nfs4 addon.Good looking rims and just 78 poly each.

The text on the hood (Akina speed stars) dissapears when you select another bodycolor.The car looks a lot like a Corolla b.t.w.

Congratulations with your first car Code4.
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_WiLL_ - 4 years ago
Cool :)
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Code 4 - 4 years ago
The text has to dissapear because only Itsuki's white Levin has the sticker on the hood.
This is the Japanese version of the Toyota Corolla AE85 ;)
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AJ_Lethal - 4 years ago
Nice. Although I must say it's a Corolla Levin (AE86 Sprinters are Truenos)

Gotta be fun driving with just 80hp on tap :D
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_WiLL_ - 4 years ago
Hmm,is a Nice Ride its Funner in Lower Gear Ratio's.

Yes Congrats! On your 1st. Car upload an,ah it's a Nice Feelings when you come back, in 10yrs see how it's doing ;)

I Forgot too say its Cool seeing all the Latest-
File Additions,being Nfs4 now days too.
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