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Porsche 911 (993) GT2

Porsche 911 (993) GT2
Pomfrit is another relatively new NFS4 car editor who is quickly rising to the top of the field, if you ask me. This 993 GT2 looks close to flawless, without a PU conversion in sight. And the polycount is very reasonable.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard None Class AA
Vidwall No Serial # 47
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 190 mph
305 kmh
Polycount 5308

Visitor Comments

Shenlong - 16 years ago

Well, I gotta give 'madprops' for the editors name...simply brilliant! And the car's not bad either.

nathan_5_schoo - 16 years ago

um hello NFS Garage, where've you guys been?
Pomfrit isn't the "newbie car designer" you guys keep saying he is. he's released six cars already at nfscars including this one,which i might add was added several months ago. why is your site getting a lot of cars all of a sudden (Martin Leps Audi TT) that were realeased a while ago?

Funmart6 - 16 years ago

Wonder if this car is available for Porsche Unleashed?

Remko - 16 years ago

Nathan: because I'm slow, that's why. Plus, I was referring to Pomfrit as one of a newer generation, as opposed to car editors that have been around for 2-3 years or longer.

johnie990 - 16 years ago

IMO the best 911 for NFS to date. Great.

ekim2m - 16 years ago

once again got this a while ago,I LOVE THE RIMS if u check my 89-90civichb(PIC) u'll see them on felix's mercedes i modifyed

PortuguesePilot - 16 years ago

Pomfrit is a master!
the polycount is utterly fantastic!

TURBO - 16 years ago

Awesome Porche!!

retrovader - 16 years ago

hey pomfrit, could you pleeeeeez release a duplicate of this car without the extended spoiler so that i can replace ea's 911(993)turbo pleeez?

johnie990 - 16 years ago

A 911 without this big spoiler or with a retractable spoiler would be also GREAT!! But here we have the 911 GT2 and is for sure better than EA's crappy 911. It even looks better than NFS6!! WOW!!

Bolt - 16 years ago

I cant Explain this. I swear that this is my favorite porsche ive seen so far! I love it! It must have taken you very long!Nice!

EvoX - 5 months ago

Unfading classic

Mike - 5 months ago

Gotta say, I should have brought back the random NFS addon a lot sooner. Love seeing comments on the older cars!

EvoX - 5 months ago

@Mike yeah, sure, so many nice memories of the late 90s early 00s here, we all were hanging in PU for hours, sweet time...

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