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Road Runner 440

Road Runner 440
Plymouth Road Runner 440 (1969)

- scratch made by RyanT aka Tomcat
- custom sounds
- customizable colors
- animated driver
- damage
- dashview with working gauges
- carp.txt by Justin Martin (aka IH8COPS)
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard New Class AA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 27
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 155 mph
248 kmh
Polycount 4601

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Visitor Comments

Remko - 25 days ago

Again, my compliments on these quality screenshots, makes the car really shine (and that's a cool dash view).
Game looks real nice on your system, are you using the reshade mod perhaps, or another way of enhancing the graphics?

MADMAN_nfs - 25 days ago

Easy presenting these great mods :) ... actually, graphicwise there is nothing special.
Just running Veg's patch, Glide mode (dgVoodoo) and a SFX-mod.

dandresden - 25 days ago

Sfx mod ? Purposing for ? O.o

MADMAN_nfs - 25 days ago

@dandresden: hehe, no sound mod... im talking about a modified SFX.FSH :D
Blame EA for the naming of that file (SFX - special effects).
The SFX.FSH contains things like particles, light-coronas, skid-marks, etc.
Btw, AJ_Lethal released a very nice pack with new effects:
SFX+ -v2-

EvoX - 25 days ago

heeeeey it roxx, it really does) which 1 is da best - a simple one or a 440?

Remko - 24 days ago

@MADMAN_nfs: Funny, I have the exact same setup since I reinstalled the game a few weeks ago, including AJ's effects mod. I thought the car was almost glowing in the screenshots, but you're right, great cars and tracks certainly help.

@EvoX: Just pick whatever you think looks best, the 440 is the more updated one though. The stock 'Runner doesn't have that dash view, for example.

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