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Bone Fracture

Bone Fracture
Was my first car, and I think i did a good job on it. Mostly my creation but some help was needed.
Damage No Convertible Yes
Dashboard None Class AAA
Vidwall No Serial # 15
Windows Clear Licence Plate None
Top Speed 200 mph
320 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

capt_spaghetti - 16 years ago


NameX - 16 years ago

THe engine must be small to fit in the front :p The car was designed as a mid-engine car.

Remko - 16 years ago

Hmm. Good point.

jokinendesign - 16 years ago

Hey u The Madman... why you didnt give credits to me...i can see my blower on this car....and it taken from my FnF charger...

jokinendesign - 16 years ago

btw. how you think that blower works without the belt...

Iceface - 16 years ago

very funny car although nothing interesting because it's based on clk gtr. ;(

Veilsideracer - 16 years ago

kind of odd

cleetus - 16 years ago

looks like a CLK after one of my distant cousins got a hold of it. heh heh

gtho351 - 16 years ago

I really try and be positive towards my comments on NFSgarage :) What ever tickles you fancy people, it looks like a fractured CLK-GTR but you know lol nice stereo! :) From memory i remember one dude changed his horn noise to simple BASS beats (idea for ya MADMAN?) :) ciao

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