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GPI E 7.4/2

GPI E 7.4/2
Another GPI. This would be a higher-performing car than the Exoticar. It has a moving (rotating) rear spoiler, and a completely scratchmade body. Its slightly faster than the Exoticar, and has a touch of oversteer to match the 924 hp engine. The polygon count is a touch under 6100, so you might want to consider a high-poly patch or a reflectionless showroom.
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard None Class AAA
Vidwall No Serial # 43
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 230 mph
368 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

shelby speeder - 17 years ago

intense man, she looks meeeeaaan!

Remko - 17 years ago

Nice work, Gleb.
The big picture was very dark, I hope you don't mind me gamma-correcting it a little.

Fantom - 17 years ago

Looks a bit like a Porsche (959) i think...

PortuguesePilot - 17 years ago

i do belive that the current tools avaliable to model are big temptations for us to build original cars. Tritoch, GOT BOOST and Gleb Podkolzin are some of the modelers who have realized this. great looking car, Gleb!

Gleb Podkolzin - 17 years ago

Hey Remko, want me to get you a brighter pic so you can upload it instead of this one? I made that one with "Night" mode On... I can get you a few pics of it on a day track...

LOS3R - 17 years ago

this car has a little of the F40 in it. Other than that, its a great car.

Cerberus - 17 years ago

Sorry, just wanted to know, how can a spoiler be rotating?
Is it changing its ankle or what? I think it looks pretty good, but I'm into older cars, so I won't download it.

Remko - 17 years ago

Maybe he used that same part that CPD used for his McLaren F1, where the rear spoiler pops out at a certain speed... this part rotates around a certain point, I can imagine you could edit it so that it makes the spoiler change its angle.

Gleb Podkolzin - 17 years ago

Cerberus: Yes, as Remko said, I made it the same way as CPD's McLaren. Only I found out about the rotating spoiler thing before I even knew anyone made a good McLaren F1...

NFSracer - 17 years ago

This is an awsome car! It influenced my latest drawing alot. The shape looks alot like this.

Remko - 17 years ago

C'mon people, d/l this car! Don't be afraid to try something different...

test2speed2 - 16 years ago

wait wait wait this is zmodlers cars , good transfer but it's the zmolder's car, sor don't think u made it

Remko - 16 years ago


EvoX - 5 months ago

Never seen this monster by Gleb. Gleb u rock bro. If u can hear me. Jeez wooow)))

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