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MikeOctober 10, 2018
MADMAN_nfsSeptember 18, 2018

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The Outlaw

The Outlaw
Coming right out of the wastelands of a not so distant post-apocalyptic future, here's The Outlaw. He doesn't knows any rules and has a total disrespect for laws, the only things he care about is to have a full tank and drive to survive! And be warned: this guy hates riceboys.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard None Class AA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 39
Windows Clear Licence Plate None
Top Speed 200 mph
320 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

Driven_out - 17 years ago

Nice effed up superbird there man!

Driven_out - 17 years ago

your zip file is effed up... bad crc error all the time...

BMWSport - 17 years ago

extract the car.viv to your desktop - you will get the error, but...the car.viv will be on your desktop. open your NFS:HS directory, and drag &drop the file into the new folder you created, and it'll work.

NfsWiLL - 17 years ago

AdR Those are some Great Rusty looking Textures on there. :) That Grill blade is wild..Mad Max har returned Coo! hehaaa. Great work on that Invention :) =#10...

Mako Shark - 17 years ago

yah it looks like a rustin old superbird with a plow on the front. nice.

Need Ford Speed - 17 years ago

Correction, VERY nice!

Dodge Boy - 17 years ago

That things rocks. You should make that Daytona from Joe Dirt.

rapster - 17 years ago

This thing looks soooo cool. I have a car called the wrecker (it's like a demo derby car) This thing would gop great with it!

rapster - 17 years ago

oops go i mean

AdR - 17 years ago

Thanks for the comments, I didn't know what to expect since this is not your "average" NFS car ;) is there a problem with the zip? maybe I should upload it again.

puma - 17 years ago

si ADR el zip esta courup pero me gustaria decir una cosa muy importante que si tu estuvieras cunado hicieron Detroit muscle Mod con todos tus autos seria suficiente para hacer 2 Mod asi . Buen trabajo en todos tu autos me gustaria ver no solo unos cuantos si no todos LOL : ) you are the best ADR>>>>>

Shenlong - 17 years ago

Awesome...I always had a soft spot for Mad Max-style cars...I like the exposed headers/exhaust system. But how can he have total disrepect of law without previous knowledge of them? Sounds like someone's got an anger management issue.

Lemans_24hoursfan - 17 years ago

Thiis looks similar, in a way, to the one off Joe Dirt... but its THE OUTLAW...all beware of THE OUTLAW! lol

mecha187 - 17 years ago

bad CRC. even tried what you said BMWSport.. no dice :

taylorzc00 - 17 years ago

Very cool, it's nice to see something other then a Supra or a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

BMWSport - 17 years ago

can somebody send the car.viv to mecha187 for me? i'm at work, and can't send email from here.

taylorzc00 - 17 years ago

I downloaded twice, still won't work. Bad crc.

jokinendesign - 17 years ago

im done 1973 ford falcon xb gt coupe (last V8 interceptor). so i propably udloead it...if somebody wants it.

Fte_by_Ford - 17 years ago

Yer sure go ahead and post it

XY_Futura - 17 years ago

this car rocked on C2 and now its on NFS4 man your the greatest!!

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

wow, this really stands apart from all of those rice cars. Awesome idea, the car looks great! i just wish it had a dash, and that crc error gone.

AdR - 17 years ago

sorry about that, it must've been some kind of problem when I've uploaded it the first time, I'll talk to Mike and fix it.

Osse-man - 17 years ago

Cool sticker from Street Rod at the door.

Duranix 489 - 17 years ago

AWESOME! yo AdR, Looks as great as the one u have for carma 2

Duranix 489 - 17 years ago

Is This car Hell Heavy or what?

PiTBUL - 17 years ago

well I agree and I surprsed it took someone elese as long as it did to notice where the sticker came from, I just looked @ the car for the first time and knew within seconds where I'd seen it. Nice junkster tho

NfsWiLL - 17 years ago


NFSracer - 17 years ago

Cool... just hope it's not wut i'm driving when i get my first car. lol. i wanna driving a 2002 mini couper S!

cody - 17 years ago 404 FILE NOT FOUND
AdR your webpage does not work, unless your just messing around.

cody - 17 years ago

nevermind, I got it to work.

Remko - 17 years ago

The zip has now been replaced with a proper functioning one, sorry it took so long. :(

smath17 - 16 years ago

Hey AdR, do you think you could convert some of your other cars, specifically the classic muscle, to NFS:HS from C2C? We just don't seem to have enough muscle for nfs. Your work is top of the line and we need that top of the line work for nfs. If anyone wants to see what he can do, go to Link click on the pages that say AdR's cars. His work is truly magnificent.

Paso - 16 years ago

Or his own website for some awesome renders!Link
I would love to see more classic (US) cars, especially a stock G.T. 500.
'Nother great job

X-ninja - 11 years ago

great job but the decal on the one door needs work

58furylover - 10 years ago

neat and sweet charger. no car can fool me thats a 69 or 70 or 68 charger modifyed. why not a pursuit one of it since it has a police thing on its door

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