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Continental Mark V 1977

Continental Mark V 1977
no dash
All 3D
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard None Class A
Vidwall No Serial # ?
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-editable
Top Speed 124 mph
200 kmh
Polycount 0

Visitor Comments

Remko - 17 years ago

Nice pimpmobile, heh.

Shenlong - 17 years ago

I dunno, wheels look kinda funny, and it's about as shiny as [insert witty analogy here]

Iceface - 17 years ago

sorry but all those cars lately by baardk look ugly and unrealistic and those rims man they're evil! btw, are these cars SOOO big in reality??

jokinendesign - 17 years ago

yeah those 70's luxury cars are really big...

baardk - 17 years ago

I dont now what ever I have done to you "Iceface" but I`m SURE that you must have a BIG problem.

Jeembo - 17 years ago

They're huge, dude.. I had a '78 Cougar, and it was the biggest beast in every parking lot. Nice job baardk

baardk - 17 years ago

Thanks Jeembo, but I`m tired of "people" like "Iceface", so I have asked to remove all my cars here and in nfs cars

Remko - 17 years ago

I think those cars look plenty realistic, they also look the correct size to me (American cars of the 1970's were about as big as they would ever get), and 'm not sure what's wrong with those rims either. Why so harsh, Iceface?

Iceface - 17 years ago

ok people i just expresed my opinion that is all. i don't want to offend anyone BUT there IS something wrong with the car just look at it's side.

baardk - 17 years ago

"Iceface" the pic of the car here is not good. It`s look many more good in the game ( at least that is my opinion )

baardk - 17 years ago

BTW, the picture you see if you click on the picture is from Rocky Pass but I made the road wery small to simulate narrow roads we have in the mountain some places in my country. It is not the car that is so big :-)

Remko - 17 years ago

Hey, now that you mention it... now I understand why Iceface thought it was over-sized.

baardk - 17 years ago

Maybe I should select another pic LOL :-)

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