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F50 (high-poly)

F50 (high-poly)
One of the last cars Martin released for NFS4, is this re-make of his F50, but this time with detail and quality of todays standards (as if the older version from 2002 was lacking, heh).
Damage Yes Convertible
Dashboard Yes Class AA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 1
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-Editable
Top Speed 203 mph
325 kmh
Polycount 8366

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Visitor Comments

noise - 12 years ago

Is this the fixed version from 9/12 2004?Defenitly improved shape, but also 5000 more polies.Too bad M.Leps doesn't make NFS4 cars anymore, although he had a BMW M5 in the works.

Remko - 12 years ago

I will try to upload his last few NFS4 cars here in the near future. Oh, and yes, this is the bugfixed version.

I decided not to replace the 2002 version with this one, because the old one still looks good and is easier on people with slower PCs or who want to use it in full grids or pursuit mode. Plus, that version has 3 career upgrades (this one doesn't).

Remko - 12 years ago

Also added a few more screens (few people can touch Martin when it comes to dasboards...)

XJ220 - 12 years ago

Good decision to keep the old one, Remko. This one is definitely looking better but for Pursuit mode (the one I like the most), the older one is better. Anyway, this one needs to be available on NFSG :)

Blazn - 12 years ago

The quality is outstanding.This is a nice semi high poly bug fixed replacement for the cheesy original game car.Recommend to all.

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